[Pnews] Israel Prevents Lawyer From Visiting Hunger Striking Prisoner Khader Adnan

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  Israel Prevents PPS Lawyer From Visiting Hunger Striking Detainee
  Khader Adnan

September 20, 2018
The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported, Thursday, that 
the administration of the al-Jalama Israeli detention facility, declined 
a request by one of its lawyers to visit with hunger striking detainee, 
Khader Adnan 

In a statement, PPS lawyer Saleh Ayyoub, said that Adnan is ongoing with 
his strike for the 19^th consecutive day.

Ayyoub added that the PPS conducted all legal measures to arrange for 
this visit, but once he arrived at the facility, the administration 
claimed Adnan’s medical condition prevents him for visits.

The PPS said that Israel frequently prevents lawyer from visiting with 
hunger striking detainees, in addition to repeatedly transferring the 
detainees to various prisons, and constantly makes up justifications to 
prevent such visits.

It is worth mentioning that Adnan, 40, from Arraba town, near the 
northern West Bank city of Jenin, started the hunger strike on September 
2^nd , protesting his continued detention under Administrative Detention 
orders, without charges.

Adnan has previously held two major hunger strikes. One was a 66-day 
long hunger strike, in 2012, and another lasted 55 days, in 2015, in 
protest of his administrative detention.

In related news, the PPS said that three other detainees are also 
ongoing with hunger strikes;

Omran al-Khatib, 60, from Jabalia in northern Gaza, started the strike 
47 days ago, demanding early release after spending 21 years of a 
45-year prison sentence, and is suffering from various health issues, 
including Coagulation, high blood pressure, a chronic stomach disease, 
high cholesterol and cartilage in the spine.

Detainee Jawad Jawareesh, 36, from Bethlehem, is protesting solitary 
confinement in Hadarim prison, after he was transferred there from 
Asqalan prison. He was taken prisoner 17 years ago, and was sentenced to 
a life term and 30 years in prison.

The third detainee, Ismael Oleyyan, 27, from Bethlehem, started the 
hunger strike three days ago, protesting being held under an 
Administrative Detention order.

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