[Pnews] Occupation Forces Kill Palestinian Prisoner Mohammad al Rimawi in Morning Raid

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  Occupation Forces Kill Prisoner Mohammad al Rimawi in Morning Raid

18 September 2018

Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association holds the 
occupation responsible for the death of prisoner Mohammad Zegrlool al 
Khateeb al Rimawi (24 years old) from Beit Reyma, in Ramallah governate. 
Following his arrest this morning, he was severely beaten by occupation 
soldiers and special forces to the point of passing out. There is a 
distinct necessity to investigate the circumstances of his death.

According to information collected by Addameer’s documentation unit, 
from the victim’s brother. At around 4 in the morning, Israeli special 
forces entered the house. Following their arrival, a larger number of 
regular soldiers arrived as back up. After removing the door to the 
house, the soldiers attacked the individual’s mother and brought the 
members of the family into one part of the house. This included the 
mother, the father and three sons. The soldiers took Mohammad into a 
separate room, where he was beaten into an unconscious state. He was 
taken away from the house while in such a state, and taken to an unknown 
location. After two hours, his family was informed of their son’s death. 
It was added that the dead had been shot in the leg two years ago during 
clashes in the village.

This case represents a continuation of the occupation’s policy of 
utilizing excessive force in the arrest of Palestinians. Additionally, 
this excessive force, in the case of killing, amounts to the unlawful 
killing of a civilian population. These actions enjoy full immunity and 
support by the political, judicial, and security arms of the occupying 

Mohammad’s death is a direct result of such excessive use of force 
against civilians, in contravention to international human rights and 
humanitarian law. It is the case that in this instance, al Rimawi did 
not constitute a real or direct threat meaning that resorting to deadly 
force constitutes an extrajudicial killing. This is in contrary with the 
status of the occupied population as ‘protected person’.

Addameer calls on the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. 
Antonio Guterres , to form a commission of inquiry into unlawful 
killings perpetrated by the occupation forces. Additionally, Addameer 
urges the formation of an inquiry into the treatment, including the 
systematic utilization of torture, and conditions of prisoners held in 
the occupation prisons.

By allowing continued impunity for the occupying state, the 
international community sends the message that its violations against 
the Palestinian people can continue indefinitely without consequence. It 
asserts that, in fact, the occupation is above international legal 

Since 1967, there have been 217 prisoners who have died while under the 
custody of the occupation. 78 of these where murdered, 7 were killed by 
gunshots while in prison, 59 were killed due to medical negligence, and 
73 died as a result of torture.

Additionally, 111 Palestinian prisoners have been killed since 3 October 
1991, the date on which the occupation signed and ratified the 
Convention against Torture. This figure includes 56 individuals who were 
killed following arrest, 32 who died of medical neglect, and 23 who died 
due to torture while under interrogation.

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