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Release Aging People in Prison/RAPP (RAPPCampaign.com 
<http://rappcampaign.com>) plays a central role in changing the system 
of parole in NYS and contributing to the release of incarcerated elders, 
including political prisoners. RAPP is a mostly volunteer group that 
focuses on building the power of communities to advance the struggle for 
abolition. They are holding an online fundraising campaign to allow them 
to travel upstate to meet with people who are asking to become part of 
this effort. Here is the information:
Please support our work to #FreeOurElders by contributing to RAPP's fall 
fundraiser. We are more than one third of the way towards reaching our 
goal of $20,000. Help us get there by donating today.

These funds will help us cover the cost of our community organizing 
efforts, advocacy and educational materials, trips to Albany and other 
parts of New York State, honorarium for formerly incarcerated leaders, 
and other key aspects of our work.

*Here's the link 
<https://rappcampaign.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a32aca276b267683f307baaa5&id=147b71c700&e=99420bbf56> where 
you and your friends, family, and colleagues can donate by November 
13th. Please share this link widely throughout your networks and on 
social media!*
_Release Aging People in Prison 2018 Online Fundraiser_ 

Thank you for your wonderful contributions. We're so grateful for you.

*In the News*
Check out "Parolees Deserve Justice 
<https://rappcampaign.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a32aca276b267683f307baaa5&id=c736b71c87&e=99420bbf56>," an 
op-ed by RAPP Associate Director, Dave George and Parole Preparation 
Project Co-Director, Nora Carroll featured in this Sunday's Albany Times 

*"Republican Senators should hear loud and clear that New Yorkers want 
and demand parole justice,
not race-baiting politics."*

Help us magnify this media piece and our continued work against 
political opposition to more parole releases and voting rights for 
people on parole by sharing this Tweet 
For more media coverage on our work to #FreeOurElders, check out 

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