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*In just one week Mumia Abu-Jamal’s appeal will be back in court in 
Philadelphia for yet another hearing.  This will be the seventh hearing 
since April 2017, and the fifth since DA Larry Krasner took office.  We 
are appealing to Mumia supporters and justice seekers everywhere to step 
up to the plate and demand that Krasner do the right thing. The Judge 
and DA keep searching for proof former DA Ron Castille violated Mumia’s 
right to appeal his wrongful conviction but the evidence is there.  
Dragging out yet more boxes, and hiring yet more staff to do a search is 
in effect a smokescreen to cover their heal dragging.*

*Please take action now! Email the letter below and call DA Krasner (see 
info below).  Come to a press conference on Thurs. Oct. 25. Pack the 
court on Monday, Oct. 29 at 8:00AM, in the Criminal Justice Building, 
corner of 13^th & Filbert Sts in Philly. Keep the heat on Krasner. *
*Press Conference – Thursday Oct. 25, 11am-1pm, DA’s office, 3 S. Penn 
*The Judge and DA Larry Krasner keep searching for proof former DA Ron 
Castille violated Mumia’s rights to appeal his wrongful conviction but 
the evidence already exists. Just days before Mumia’s court proceeding 
on Oct 29, attend a Press Conference outside the DA’s office which will 
feature speakers demanding the DA stop acting in the interest of the FOP.


Dear District Attorney Larry Krasner,

You were elected on your claims of being a “progressive DA” and that you 
would “end mass incarceration.” You stated that you would investigate 
and overturn wrongful convictions. However, in the case of Mumia 
Abu-Jamal you have to date shown yourself to be in tandem with the 
Fraternal Order of Police. This is despite the history of the evidence 
of Mumia’s innocence and the police, prosecution, and judicial 
misconduct that permeates his case. In a letter sent to you in January 
2018, Pam Africa and international representatives of the movement to 
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal requested a meeting to discuss his case with the 
objective of obtaining a dismissal of the charges against him and his 
release from prison. We also asked as a first step that you join in or 
at least not oppose Mumia’s pending petition for new appeals based on 
the precedent of Williams v. PA. Over the past months after first 
agreeing to that meeting, you then refused, but later met with Maureen 
Faulkner. Since April 30 you have submitted legal arguments to Judge 
Leon Tucker that deny the relevance of the evidence from prosecution 
files of Ronald Castille’s significant involvement in Mumia Abu-Jamal’s 
prosecution and death sentence. You have called for Mumia’s petition to 
be dismissed. Documents show that DA Castille tracked the status of 
capital cases and that he sent a letter to former Governor Casey that 
“urged” him to sign execution warrants to “send a message” to all 
”police killers.” Ronald Castille’s very public and vocifierous support 
of capital punishment and the Fraternal Order of Police combined with 
the evidence to date disclosed from the prosecution files meets the test 
of Williams v. PA. Judge Castille should have recused himself from Mumia 
Abu-Jamal’s appeals. Since Castille refused to do that, Mumia Abu-Jamal 
should, at least, be granted new appeal rights. So far, your handling of 
Mumia’s case has been very much in line with the wishes of the Fraternal 
Order of Police and you seem to show no interest in opening up a case 
that has been denounced around the world as reflecting the worst of a 
racist and classist judicial system that finds poor people, and 
especially people of color (and even more so dissenters) guilty and 
sentences them to the most extreme sentences: for Mumia, he was 
initially sentenced to death, but in 2011 was resentenced to life in 
prison without parole, that is without the possibility of ever getting 
out. We call on you to release all the police and DA files relevant to 
Mumia’s case, to stop fighting to close this opening in the case by 
insisting that there is no evidence of Castille’s significant 
involvement in Mumia’s case, when that is clearly not the reality. The 
world is watching you out of its concern for Mumia and for justice.

*Krasner's email address is: justice at phila.gov <mailto:justice at phila.gov>*
*DA’s office number to call is:  215-686-8000 – Tell him to stop the 
coverup & release all DA & police files on Mumia.*
*Click on this link for an important article by Linn Washington with 
more background on this case.*

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