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*Urgent Call for Political Prisoner Kamau Sadiki *

 From Kamau’s daughter Ksisay:

Freddie Hilton AKA Kamau Sadiki  #115 06 88

*Urgent Call. ASMP wants to amputate my father's ankle.*

*Contact- Call Write Letters:*

Augusta State Prison
3001 Gordon Hwy, Grovetown
GA 30813

Chief Medical Facilitator Dr Alston

Warden Philbin
(706) 855-4700 <tel:706%29%20855-4700>

*He needs a wounds specialist not amputation!*

    Who Is Kamau Sadiki?

Kamau Sadiki is a former member of the Black Panther Party. At the age 
of 17 he dedicated his life to the service of his people. He worked out 
of the Jamaica, Queens office of the Black Panther Party. Having 
internalized the 10 Point Program and Platform, the 3 Main Rules of 
Discipline and 8 Points of Attention, Kamau used his knowledge to guide 
his organizing efforts within the Black Community.

Kamau worked in the Free Breakfast Program, getting up every morning, 
going to his designated assignment and cooking and feeding hungry 
children before they went to school. When the Free Breakfast Program was 
over for the day, he reported to the office, gathered his papers and 
received his assignment for the day, and went out into the community to 
sell his papers.

While selling his papers he continued to educate the people, while 
organizing tenants, welfare mothers, whomever he came in contact. At the 
end of the day, he reported to the office. He wrote his daily report and 
attended political education classes.

Kamau Sadiki was one of the thousands of young Black men and women who 
made up the Black Panther Party. The rank and file members of the Party 
who were made the Black Panther Party the International political 
machine it was. While the media followed Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and 
others the day to day work of the Party was being carried out by these 
rank and file brothers and sisters, the backbone of the Black Panther 
Party. They were these nameless and faceless tireless workers who 
carried out the programs of the Black Panther Party, without whom there 
would have been no one to do the work of the Free Health Clinics, Free 
Clothing Drive, Liberation Schools, and Free Breakfast for Children 
Program. It was to these brothers and sisters that the people in the 
Black community looked when they needed help and support.


It was because of this tireless work in the community that J. Edgar 
Hoover, the then FBI Director, declared the Black Panther Party to be 
the greatest threat to National Security and sought to destroy it. It 
was not because we advocated the use of the gun that made the Black 
Panther Party the threat. It was because of the politics that guided the 
gun. We had been taught that politics guide the gun, therefore our 
politics had to be correct and constantly evolving. We had to study and 
read the newspapers to keep abreast of the constantly changing political 
situation. But this was not the image that the government wanted to 
portray of the Black Panther Party. It preferred the image of the 
ruthless, gangster, racist gun toting thug. Every opportunity that came 
up to talk, or write about the Black Panther Party was used to portray 
this image.

When the opportunity didn’t arise on it’s own, they created situations 
and circumstances to make the claim. An all out propaganda war was waged 
on the Black Panther Party. Simultaneously a psychological and military 
campaign was instituted.

The governments was of terror against the Black Panther Party saw over 
28 young black men and women of the Black Panther Party killed over a 
period of less than four (4) years, hundreds more in prison or 
underground, dozens in exile and the Black Panther Party in disarray. 
Even though the Black Panther Party, as an entity, had been destroyed 
the government never ceased observing those Panthers who were still 
alive. Whether or not others believed it, the government took seriously 
that aspect of the Black Panther Party’s teaching that included the 
10-10-10 Program.

If one (1) Panther organized ten (10) people, those ten (10) people 
organized ten people, and those ten people organized 10 people 
exponentially we would organize the world for revolution. The only way 
to stop that was to weed out the Panthers. Not only must the Black 
Panther Party be destroyed, but all the people who were exposed to the 
teachings must be weeded out and put on ice or destroyed.

During this turbulent time, Kamau had been among the members of the 
Party who had gone underground. He was subsequently captured and spent 
five (5) years in prison. While he was on parole he legally changed his 
name from Fred Hilton to Kamau Sadiki.

      Courtesy of www.freekamau.com

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