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_*Friends, i**t's time to get Malik out of solitary confinement.*_

Malik has experienced intense, targeted harassment ever since he dared 
to start speaking against brutal conditions faced by incarcerated people 
in Texas and nationwide--but over the past few months, prison officials 
have stepped up their retaliation even more.

In Administrative Segregation (solitary confinement) at McConnell Unit, 
Malik has experienced frequent humiliating strip searches, medical 
neglect, mail tampering and censorship, confinement 23 hours a day to a 
cell that often reached 100+ degrees in the summer, and other daily 
abuses too numerous to name. *It could not be more clear that they are 
trying to make an example of him because he is a committed freedom 
fighter.  So we have to step up.*
*_Phone zap on Tuesday, November 13_*
***Mark your calendars for the 11/13 call in, be on the look out for a 
call script, and spread the word!!**
- Convene special review of Malik's placement in Ad-Seg and immediately 
release him back to general population
- Explain why the State Classification Committee's decision to release 
Malik from Ad-Seg back in June was overturned (specifically, demand to 
know the nature of the "information" supposedly collected by the Fusion 
Center, and demand to know how this information was investigated and 
- Immediately cease all harassment and retaliation against Malik, 
especially strip searches and mail censorship!

*Who to contact:*
TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier
Phone: (936)295-6371
Email: exec.director at tdcj.texas.gov <mailto:exec.director at tdcj.texas.gov>

Senior Warden Philip Sinfuentes (McConnell Unit)
Phone: (361) 362-2300


*Background on Malik's Situation*
Malik's *continued assignment to Ad-Seg (solitary confinement) in is an 
overt example of political repression, plain and simple. * Prison 
officials placed Malik in Ad-Seg two years ago for writing about and 
endorsing the 2016 nationwide prison strike.  They were able to do this 
because*/Texas and U.S. law permits /*/*non-violent work refusal to be 
classified as i**ncitement to riot**.*/

It gets worse.  Malik was cleared for release from Ad-Seg by the State 
Classification Committee in June--and then, in an unprecedented 
reversal, immediately re-assigned him back to Ad-Seg.  The reason? 
*Prison Officials site "information" collected by a shadowy intelligence 
gathering operation called a Fusion Center*, which are known for lack of 
transparency and accountability, and for being blatant tools of 
political repression.

Malik remains in horrible conditions, vulnerable to every possible 
abuse, on the basis of "information" that has NEVER been disclosed or 
verified. *No court or other independent entity has ever confirmed the 
existence, let alone authenticity, of this alleged information*.  In 
fact, as recently as October 25, a representative of the State 
Classification Committee told Malik that he has no clue why Malik was 
re-assigned to Ad-Seg. *This "information" is pure fiction. *

*About Malik*

Keith "Malik" Washington is an incarcerated activist who has spoken out 
on conditions of confinement in Texas prison and beyond:  from issues of 
toxic water and extreme heat, to physical and sexual abuse of imprisoned 
people, to religious discrimination and more.  Malik has also been a 
tireless leader in the movement to #EndPrisonSlavery which gained 
visibility during nationwide prison strikes in 2016 
and 2018 
View his work atcomrademalik.com <http://comrademalik.com/>or write him at:

Keith H. WashingtonTDC# 1487958McConnell Unit3001 S. Emily 
DriveBeeville, TX 78102

Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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