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  Announcing the Solitary Confinement Resource Center

    By Jean Casella and James Ridgeway
    <https://solitarywatch.org/author/jeancasellaandjamesridgeway/> -
    November 2, 2018


The Solitary Confinement Resource Center 
<http://scrc.solitarywatch.org/> is a curated, fully searchable database 
of media, research, firsthand accounts, court and policy documents, and 
advocacy tools on the use of solitary confinement in U.S. prisons, 
jails, and juvenile detention facilities.

Although some 80,000 people are held in isolation in the United States 
on any given day, solitary confinement units and supermax prisons long 
functioned as virtual black sites, hidden from the public, policymakers, 
and the press. Today, despite the best efforts of a system that resists 
transparency, the body of information on solitary confinement is 
growing, but it remained scattered and difficult to access.

Believing that information can be a powerful force for change, Solitary 
Watch <https://solitarywatch.org/>joined with the Unlock the Box 
<https://www.unlocktheboxcampaign.org/> national campaign to create this 
central, comprehensive bank of resources for use by advocates, 
journalists, scholars, educators, attorneys, health care providers, 
corrections officials, solitary survivors and their loved ones, and 
other concerned citizens who seek to shine a light on one of the darkest 
corners of our criminal justice system.

We encourage Solitary Watch readers to explore the Solitary Confinement 
Resource Center <http://scrc.solitarywatch.org/>, and use the form found 
on the site to suggest additional resources.

/The Solitary Confinement Resource Center is made possible through a 
grant from the Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation./

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