[Pnews] Standing Rock Legal Update - upcoming trials will exonerate our clients & expose state-sponsored private military operations

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Dear Claude,

Winning Justice at Standing Rock 

Trial dates are set, and it’s a critical hour for our legal efforts. On 
August 13, Chase Iron Eyes will walk into a North Dakota courtroom and 
face prosecution for his alleged crimes. The charges? Trespassing on the 
Lakota’s own sacred land and inciting a riot — when a group of 74 
unarmed water protectors peacefully withstood a raid of Last Child’s 
Camp and subsequent arrest at the hands of fully armed law enforcement 

Thankfully, Chase has a dedicated team in his corner. You are among a 
group thousands strong who stood with Standing Rock in its hour of need, 
who have followed this story to the courts, and who have taken repeated 
action to keep the fight for justice on track. Now, in order for that 
justice to be served, we need your financial support. 

Our legal team must — and will — gather a staggering amount of evidence 
in the coming months. This includes more than 50 depositions, requiring 
travel to Texas and North Carolina to question, under oath, officials of 
Dakota Access pipeline parent company Energy Transfer Partners and their 
hired mercenary security firm, TigerSwan.

In preparation for this moment, the Lakota People’s Law Project staff 
has spent the past several decades combining investigation, litigation, 
education, and organizing to create solutions for social reform in the 
US. Once again, we’re ready to challenge injustice. This time, we are 
confronting racism and violations of the Federal Civil Rights Act and 
the Environmental Protection Act in support of our First Amendment 
rights under the Constitution.

*There are several key distinctions about the Chase Iron Eyes case:*

  * We are pursuing a potentially game-changing “necessity defense”;
  * 73 other water protectors can use the evidence we gather in their
    own defenses;
  * We successfully petitioned to replace an assigned judge with our
    preferred judge;

These landmark legal defenses can set precedents that will safeguard all 
future protectors of water and land, all those who stand in strength to 
tear down injustice. This case is being fought for all of us who care 
about indigenous rights, all of us who care about the First Amendment, 
and all of us who care about Mother Earth. Your support now can help 
Chase make history 

/Wopila/ — we thank you!
Daniel Sheehan
Chief Counsel
Lakota People’s Law Project

P. S. The upcoming trials — and surrounding public education — will not 
only exonerate our clients; they will expose the injustices perpetrated 
by state-sponsored private military operations. We will continue to 
provide updates to you as the team uncovers the truth and explores the 
extent of the rights violations at Standing Rock. With your continued 
aid, we will turn the tide in this country at its darkest hour. With 
your support, we will prevail. 

Lakota People's Law Project
Romero Institute
210 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

The Lakota people’s Law Project is part of the 501(c)(3) Romero 
Institute, an interfaith law and policy center. All donations are 

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