[Pnews] Urgent Medical Campaign for Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes

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Tue Mar 6 10:09:30 EST 2018

*Urgent Medical Campaign for Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes *

As people know, ensuring that Robert Seth Hayes receives adequate 
medical care has been an ongoing struggle over the past 20 years.

Seth reports that, when he went to change the sensor on his insulin pump 
(sensors must be changed every 6 days) on February 23, 2018, he was 
informed that Sullivan did not have any sensors at the facility.

So for almost two weeks now, Seth does not have a continuous glucose 
monitoring device (the sensor continuously reads interstitial glucose 
levels and relays them to the monitor) and has had to rely on his daily 
finger sticks to determine his sugar levels. Once again, NYS DOCCS is 
violating Seth's constitutional and human right to adequate health care, 
in additon to being in stark violation to the United Nations Nelson 
Mandela Rules on the treatment of prisoners.

The whole point of Seth's having the insulin pump/monitor is because he 
can no longer tell when his sugars are high or low. It is hard to 
believe that "medical" personnel at Sullivan have once again failed to 
order the necessary sensors in a timely fashion.

Please call, write and fax the following people to demand that all 
supplies for Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280's insulin pump be adequately 
stocked at the Sullivan clilnic. Be polite but firm. Feel free to email 
nycjericho at gmail.com to let us know what response you receive. Staff at 
Sullivan usually state that Superintendent Keyser will not take phone 
calls and that all complaints must be in writing. If that is the case, 
ask to speak with guidance and ask for Seth's counsellor.

Carl J. Koenigsmann M.D.
Deputy Commissioner/Chief Medical Officer
NYS DOCCS Division of Health Services
Harriman State Campus, Building #2
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12226-2050
Phone: 518-457-7073
Fax: 518-445-7553
Carl.Koenigsmann at doccs.ny.gov

Anthony J. Annucci
Acting Commissioner
Harriman State Campus, Building #2
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12226-2050
Phone: (518) 457-8126
commissioner at doccs.ny.gov

Superintendent Keyser
Sullivan Correctional Facility
325 Riverside Drive
Fallsburg, New York 12733
(845) 434-2080

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863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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