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August 8th 2018 will mark Forty Years Since The Move 9 have been 
unjustly imprisoned for a crime the entire world knows they did not 
commit . From the day They were arrested on August 8th 1978 , During 
Their Trial, The Day After they were each sentenced to 30-100 years , 
During the Ten years of the parole process , and The 40 years of being 
unjustly imprisoned MOVE has always maintained their innocence and their 
innocence has always shown during this whole Forty Year Period .The 
reason that they have remained in prison all these years is the same 
reason why they went to prison in the first place because they are 
committed MOVE members .

On March 13th 1998 Merle Africa died in Pennsylvania Prisons under 
mysterious circumstances after being unjustly jailed for Twenty Years . 
On January 10th 2015 Phil Africa died under Mysterious circumstances in 
Pennsylvania Prisons After spending 30 plus years unjustly jailed . 
Rather than grant parole or release MOVE this system and it's officials 
will rather see MOVE die in prison . While Pennsylvania makes strides in 
repairing the issue of mass incarceration one of the biggest taints in 
Pennsylvania's history of mass incarceration and injustice has not been 
repaired and that is the issue of The Move 9 as it relates to their 
release from imprisonment .

The Parole Board has pushed the issue of remorse being shown but the 
question that we want to ask is has The Parole Board shown any remorse 
to the children and grandchildren of The Move 9? The Fact that Several 
of The Move 9 have Grandchildren Some even Great Grandchildren that they 
have only been with on a prison visit is heart wrenching . Where is the 
remorse from The Parole Board over the fact that children were torn from 
their parents arms Forty Years ago and forced to have a relationship 
with their parents only through Phone Calls, Letters , and Occasional 
visits which May have lasted only three hours .

On August 5th 2018 we are asking people to join us for an Afternoon Of 
Resistance For The Move 9 . First At 10:00am join us for Running Down 
The Walls a 5k run organized for The Move 9 by our Brothers And Sisters 
 From The Philadelphia Anarchist Black Cross that will take place at 
Fairmount Park . To register for The run people can go to 
https://phillyabc.wordpress.com/rdtw/ . Then at 3:00pm join us at The 
Mastery Shoemaker High School located 5301 Media Street for An Afternoon 
Panel On MOVE that will feature Ramona Africa, Pam Africa ,Professor 
Walter Palmer , Karen Falcon and others .

Then Later that evening at the same venue we will be holding our Framed 
In America Concert as acts are still being confirmed so far we have The 
Raw Life Crew , Dell P , Seraiah Nicole and Eli Capella , Jasiri X and a 
surprise Headliner . We look forward to seeing everyone on August 5th . 
Also at this time we are still encouraging people to sign our petition 
aimed at The United States Justice Department at 



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