[Pnews] US Attorney’s office dismissed charges against 129 of the remaining 188 #J20 defendants

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        By DefendJ20Resistance

January 19, 2018


*On January 18, 2018, the US Attorney’s office dismissed charges against 
129 of the remaining 188 #J20 defendants.*

This was almost on the anniversary of MPD’s mass arrest of 230 people at 
the anticapitalist and antifascist march against Trump’s inauguration on 
January 20, 2017. Following the mass arrest, all defendants were 
indicted on a multitude of felony and misdemeanor charges.

Today, 59 people are still facing seven felony charges each, punishable 
by over 60 years in prison. While the government alleges that these 
people damaged property, planned the protests, or had knowledge of the 
black bloc tactic, we know that this case has always been about 
political repression and expanding the state’s ability to stifle 
resistance. The government is making a calculated choice to single out 
this group as they further their efforts to redefine basic political 
organizing as conspiracy and to set the terms of what is “acceptable” 
protest. Just as the anti-capitalist march was brutally attacked by 
police in the streets, the government is attacking dissent by leveraging 
the so-called “justice system” to break people’s spirits.

In December, we celebrated the full aquittal of the first six 
defendants. While we continue to celebrate with the dismissal of charges 
against these 129 defendants, we do so knowing that this was only made 
possible by the bravery and hard work of both resistors and supporters. 
We see the narrowing of the defendant pool for what it is: a scare 
tactic and a renewed effort to try to secure as many convictions as 
possible. As the government continues in its attempt to repress 
political activity through conspiracy and rioting charges, we will 
remain steadfast in our support of these 59 defendants.

The overwhelming majority of people arrested on January 20 immediately 
recognized this as a political prosecution from the start and quickly 
agreed to work together and coordinate our collective defense. It is 
this collective defense – along with the innumerable fundraisers, 
events, and work put in by supporters – that has gotten us this far. We 
will actively support each and every remaining defendant. The government 
will not break the solidarity among the remaining defendants in this 
case, nor will their repressive strategy stop resistance to fascism, 
capitalism, and the state. Every attempt to weaken us will only make us 
stronger. Our capacity to resist has only grown.

This has been a long and harrowing year for the 194 people who committed 
to taking their cases to trial and will continue to be for those still 
facing charges. As J20 defendants, we have been bolstered by a massive 
support base and our ability to fight our charges without having to sit 
in jail for this past year. We know that most people captured by the 
state are not this lucky. The legal system is designed to punish 
arrestees long before they can get to trial, whittling down their 
emotional and financial resources to impair resistance and coerce 
concessions. The legal system is a weapon used to repress anyone that 
challenges white supremacy, colonialism, and capitalism. This is the 
daily reality for black, brown, immigrant, indigenous and poor 
communites who challenge those systems both actively and by their very 
existence. We recognize the support of a social movement and the need 
for anti-prison efforts to reach every person facing charges and 
intimidation. The dismissal of charges for 129 defendants, and the prior 
acquittal of six others in December, shows both the power of solidarity 
in fighting against state repression and the privilege of media attention.

Over 30 cities across Turtle Island are participating in a week of 
solidarity with J20 arrestees. Thank you to everyone who has shown us 
support; whether you hosted or donated to a fundraiser, boosted our case 
on social media, dropped a banner or held a demo, came to court looking 
sharp as hell, or sent your friends sweet words of love and 
solidarity–it all keeps us going. We are all in this together. *Keep 
showing up for the 59 remaining defendants and for all who resist the 

Until everyone is free,
*Defend J20 Resistance*

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