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Wed Jan 10 10:54:33 EST 2018

      Please help us save our beloved father and grandfather, Robert
      “Seth” Hayes from the New York State Correctional System where he
      has been incarcerated for the past 45 years.

Seth was only a young man, father, and husband, as well as a decorated 
Vietnam War veteran when he was arrested in August 1972 for his 
involvement with the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army. It 
was a tumultuous time in American history and the struggle for Black 
freedom. Yet, despite decades of painful incarceration away from his 
family, Seth has maintained a remarkably clean prison record with no 
violations in his 45 years of imprisonment. While incarcerated he 
enrolled in college courses, supported the elderly population, and 
became a mentor to the younger generation of incarcerated men to steer 
them away from gang violence.

      Seth has paid his debt to society, and we believe he’s earned his
      freedom after 45 years of imprisonment.

*Unfortunately, the state of New York continues to hold Seth prisoner. 
He has unsuccessfully been before the the parole board 10 times! *Every 
time Seth appears before the board, they use his original conviction as 
the reason to deny his parole application, completely in violation of 
the law and despite his compellingly impressive clean prison record.

We plead to you today, because his next parole board hearing is coming 
up June 2018 and Seth will be 69 years old. With your help we hope this 
will be his last and final parole hearing. We pray that with your help 
we can secure the legal resources necessary to fight on his behalf as 
his health continues to deteriorate and we don’t believe he can get 
better while in prison.

As some of you all may know, he has tremendous medical problems 
including a heart condition and chronic diabetes which have caused 
severe distress for him and cannot be treated effectively in the NY 
State prison system. Seth experiences regular and routine 'code blues' 
health crises where his blood sugars and insulin levels are not 
manageable and have resulted in him passing out and falling. He’s now 
experiencing nerve damage as well.  Although some efforts have been made 
by the NYS DOCCS, the level of care Seth needs is only available on the 
outside. Seth has just received a new insulin pump after the old one was 
not working properly for months.  The blood sugar monitor was to be 
installed about one month after the pump worked reliably, and that has 
never happened.

We hope you agree, that it’s more than time for Seth to come home. Seth 
is one of 10,000 people in the NY State prison system over the age of 50 
that that pose little to no risk at all for recidivism.*His continued 
incarceration is very much a risk to his life, as his diabetes cannot be 
effectively treated inside and he needs to be with his family and the 
community that loves him.*


We are also asking for donations to help cover the cost of the resources 
we'll need to build a strong defense for Medical Parole and a Federal 

Medical Parole

NY State law allows individuals to seek medical parole, for those 
individuals who are either terminally ill or have conditions that 
debilitate them and cannot be treated effectively in the context of 
prison. Seth has applied for Medical Parole and funds raised will go 
towards the resources needed to build a strong defense.

Federal Lawsuit

There is currently research being done to find a lawyer to file a 
federal lawsuit against the NYS DOCCS regarding Seth's medical 
treatment. Lawyers and funds will be needed for this effort.

Please Donate *HERE! 

If you have any questions or want to support in other ways please reach 
out to freesethhayes at gmail.com

Thank you for your support!

Myaisha and Crystal Hayes

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863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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