[Pnews] Please make 3 phone calls to demand, health care for political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal

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Tue Jan 2 10:35:00 EST 2018

*Please make 3 phone calls to demand*
*health care for Mumia*

If you're sick, you can go to a doctor or an emergency room to be 
examined and treated, in a hospital if necessary. If you're being held 
behind bars, getting sick can be a death sentence. Profits come before 
prisoner care for the Dept. of Correction's medical contractors.

SCI Mahanoy political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal needs your help in 
getting treatment for a severe skin disease so bad he told his wife 
Wadiya he “can’t take it any more.” For more than 2 years, he
has suffered from intense itching all over his body.

The treatment for hepatitis C which we fought for and won has not 
cleared up his skin conditions.He is also concerned about his cirrhosis 
of the liver and neuropathy. People suspect tainted water may be causing 
problems for many prisoners.

Mumia and recent visitors report he can't sleep because the itching is 
so overpowering and relentless. His condition is worsening: his back, 
chest and arms have become rough and leathery, alligator-like. There 
appear to be hairline cracks in his skin that show bleeding.

Instead of a hands-on exam by an expert dermatologist, the DOC's doctor 
had a teleconference with Mumia, after which Ultra Violet (UVB) 
treatment and Dupixent were recommended.

Mumia stopped unsupervised, self-administered UVB treatment last year 
because his skin got burned.  Mumia's UVB treatment should be safely 
administered at a hospital with a Narrow Band UVB, reducing the risk of 
burns and is more effective than Broad Band UVB.

Mumia needs a full diagnostic work-up before he receives a new medicine 
like Dupixent, which can have serious side effects if administered 
incorrectly outside of a hospital setting.

Mumia has been unjustly imprisoned for 36 years. The DOC's continuing 
failure to effectively diagnose and treat this severe skin disease is 
nothing less than torture and is one more reason Mumia should be 
released from prison, now.

*1. Please call:*

  *   SCI Mahanoy Superintendent Theresa DelBalso: *570-773-2158*
  *   PA Secretary of Corrections John E. Wetzel:
  * PADept of Health Acting Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine: *717-787-9857*

Demand that Mumia be taken to an independent medical facility such as 
Geisinger Hospital, as in 2015, which has the expertise to provide 
thorough hands-on diagnostic evaluation and offer supervised patient 
care.*2.* *Pack the court on Jan 17 in Philadelphia to support his legal 
case eventually lead to Mumia’s freedom.* *

Face Book Event 
Mobilization4Mumia at gmail.com* <mailto:Mobilization4Mumia at gmail.com> 

Donate: **mobilization4mumia.com/donate-1 

International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal  
International Action Center,
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal (NYC),
Campaign to Bring Mumia Home
Educators for Mumia

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