[Pnews] The Palestinian Prisoner Club and Addameer Association Yaseen al-Saradeeh’s Extrajudicial Killing

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  The Palestinian Prisoner Club and Addameer Association Yaseen
  al-Saradeeh’s Extrajudicial Killing

22 February 2018

Addameer Association and the Palestinian Prisoners Club declare  that 
the Israeli occupation forces bear total responsibility for the killing 
of Yaseen Omar al-Saradeeh (33 years old) from Jericho, which took place 
shortly following his arrest.

In the early hours of Thursday 22 February 2018, the Israeli occupation 
forces harshly beat, arrested, and, resultantly, killed 33-years-old 
Yaseen. His death came about due to the unreasonable use of force. 
Despite this being evident, the occupation authority communicated to 
Palestinian officials that he died as a result of cramps and chocking 
from gas used by the soldiers. A further investigation into his death 
was demanded by the Palestinian Authority.

Addameer and the Palestinian prisoner club see Yaseen’s death as a 
continuation of the Israeli policy of the extrajudicial killing of 
Palestinians. Israeli occupation forces routinely use excessive force in 
an unnecessary and disproportionate manner, which is in violation of 
international law. International humanitarian law prevents the usage of 
excessive force against protected persons who do not form direct and 
actual threat.

/Extrajudicial killing/

An extrajudicial killing is an “unlawful and deliberate killing carried 
out by order of a state actor or with the state’s complicity or 
acquiescence.”[1] <#_ftn1> Accordingly, lethal force can only be used as 
a measure of last resort, and it must always be proportional and 
necessary. The usage of firearms against a person can only be only used 
under imminent threat of death or serious injury. Shooting to kill is 
only allowed in order to save a life. This requirement would make the 
use of lethal force proportional and, only if there are no other means 
to prevent the threat to life, would also make the lethal force 
necessary.[2] <#_ftn2>

The events surround the death of Yaseen was thus a violation of 
international law as his killing was both unnecessary and 
disproportionate. It was clear that he did not form a serious and direct 
threat to the several soldiers who came to arrest him.

Addameer and the Palestinian Prisoners Club call on the UN human rights 
bodies to investigate the unlawful killing of Yaseen Saradeeh. 
Additionally, the organizations call for an investigation of the 
conditions and treatment of all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli 
detention centers, who suffer from a systematic violation of their basic 

Addameer and the Palestinian Prisoner Club call on all international 
organizations, especially the ICRC, to act respond in a way in which 
seeks accountability from the occupation authorities. Both organizations 
also call for the unity of all Palestinian human rights organizations in 
working together to hold Israel accountable for its crimes.

The number of Palestinian prisoners who were killed since 1967 has 
increased to 213. This figure includes 75 intentional killings, 7 killed 
from gunshot wounds in prison, 59 died in prisons as a result of medical 
negligence, and 72 as a result of torture.

Additionally, 110 Palestinian have died in Israeli prisons since 3 
October 1991, which was the date of Israel’s ratification to the 
Convention Against Torture. Among those, 55 prisoners were killed 
intentionally and directly after arrest, 32 were killed as a result of 
medical negligence, 23 died  during interrogations from torture. The 
last prisoner to die in jail was Muhammad Jallad, who was killed on 2 
October 2012 after he was shot and arrested.

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