[Pnews] MOVE Parole Denials - public parole rally Framed In America - Saturday February 24th - NY

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Earlier this week our Brother Eddie Africa found out that he was denied 
parole once again by The Notorious Pa Parole Board. Eddie again was 
given a one year hit and for some reason The Pa Parole has brought back 
the issue of failure to show remorse for the crime committed and the 
nature of the crime.  At this point the issue of The Move 9 and their 
innocence doesn't have to be argued because The Parole Board knows our 
family is innocent and they are under strict orders of The Fraternal 
Order Of Police and Police unions across the country to keep The Move 9 
in prison.
Police across the country have stained cities with the blood of Blacks, 
Latinos, and Poor whites--all victims to police and their murderous Wild 
West mentality  On May 13th 1985 for the world to see this government 
dropped a bomb on the home of The MOVE Organization murdering 11 
people--6 Adults and 5 children.  Eric Garner was choked and killed on 
camera by police, Sandra Bland was arrested by police then murdered in 
her jail cell by police. These examples are pointed out to people to 
simply show that The police are the threat to the safety of the 
community as they have always been and not MOVE members.
In a nine month span now 3 MOVE Members have been denied parole: Delbert 
Africa in June 2017, Michael Africa in January 2018, and now Eddie 
Africa in February 2018. This upcoming May 2018 Janet, Janine, and 
Debbie Africa will be appearing before The Parole Board, who in fact has 
the same plans to deny parole for our sisters as they have done with our 
brothers. The work in turning back the illegal practices of The Parole 
Board continues and we are not backing off of this issue not one bit! 
The Move 9 are now 10 Years past their eligibility for parole. Robert 
Seth Hayes is now 20 years past his parole eligibility.

This is a serious problem that we are addressing and are continuing to 
fight every step of the way. We are urging people to attend our public 
parole rally Framed In America The Making Of Political Prisoners on 
Saturday February 24th from 4pm to 8pm at The National Black Theater 
2031 Fifth Avenue Harlem New York 10035 
  Our Rally will focus on the recent parole denials of MOVE Men and will 
focus on the upcoming hearings of MOVE Women. Our Keynote Speaker for 
the evening will be none other than Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. We cannot 
have a MOVE program without having both of our dynamic sisters Pam and 
Ramona Africa As speakers on this historic evening.  We will also have 
Roger Wareham, Johanna Fernandez, Ralph Poynter, Betty Davis, and now we 
have added Representatives from both George Jackson University In Texas 
and The National Jericho Movement as speakers to what's going to be a 
very powerful community rally . For those who cannot attend our event 
you can watch our event via live stream at www.picturethestruggle.org 
live stream.  We have at least four cities confirmed where people are 
having live stream viewing parties of our rally .
We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday February 24th  In 
Harlem .
Ona Move
For More Info www.onamove.com 
List Of Endorsers For This Event Includes
Samidoun Palestenian Prisoner Network
The Campaign To Bring Mumia Home
New York City Anarchist Black Cross Federation
NorthEast Political Prisoner Coalition
Unversal Zulu Nation
New York State Prisoner Justice Network
George Jackson University
Guerilla Main Frame
Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community And Student Center
New York City Jericho Movement
International Action Center
NYC Coalition To Free Mumia Abu Jamal
Resistance In Brooklyn
Amigos De Mumia In Mexico
Safiya Bukhari-Albert Nuh Washington Foundation
Laura WhiteHorn (Former Political Prisoner)
Carolina Saldana
The New Abolitionist Movement
Lynn Stewart Committee
Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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