[Pnews] Political Prisoner Jalil Muntaqim denied parole after 47 years in prison and many appearances

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Mon Dec 17 15:52:31 EST 2018

Today we learned that great-grandfather and beloved elder Jalil Muntaqim 
(Anthony Bottom) has been denied parole by the New York State Board of 
Parole. Jalil was convicted of the 1971 murders of two New York City 
police officers, a crime for which he accepted responsibility and 
demonstrated remorse. During his 47 years in prison, Jalil earned two 
college degrees and served as a counselor, teacher and role model for 
other incarcerated people. Jalil is a rehabilitated individual who poses 
no risk to the community. He will be appealing this very disappointing 

Jalil would like to thank his friends and supporters; he is 
ever-grateful that you have all stood by him.

Jalil will be challenging the denial of parole through the 
administrative appeals process and potentially in the courts. Given the 
controversy and media attention generated by his case, we ask that you 
using the approved language above. Further, please DO NOT SPEAK TO THE 
MEDIA about Jalil, his case, or his parole denial without consulting his 
media support team first. Please be aware of the media bias against 
Jalil and in favor of the police as well as the risk that statements 
made by Jalil’s supporters could adversely affect his parole bid. Any 
questions or media inquiries should be directed to Nora Carroll at 
carroll.nora at gmail.com <mailto:carroll.nora at gmail.com> or 917-557-0797.

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