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August 17 at 6:59 AM 

To give people an update on Ramona’s situation. Today the hospital 
informed Ramona that her insurance co. would no longer be responsible 
for paying her hospital and therapy bills and that she’s being released 
from both hospital and therapy unless she can pay the bills herself. The 
problem is Ramona can’t stand without assistance and she can’t walk, 
she’s not good to go and she hasn’t had enough therapy to safely release 
her into the world. The other problem isthe burden of costs, therapy 
sessions are extremely urgent and immediate or Ramona will regress 
leaving any progress she’s made to date undone and she’ll have to start 
all over from the beginning, these therapy sessions are necessary but at 
the same time they create a financial burden on the family, without the 
medical insurance, that we will not be able to handle, it’ll be more 
than we can afford, we need help. Ramona cannot afford to come out of 
the hospital, she is not physically ready and her home plan is not 
ready. Certain things she will require have to be met, like a hospital 
bed and special bedding, and bathroom facilities that needs a contractor 
and plumber. The family is doing what we can but we do need help. We are 
establishing a “go fund me” account to accommodate any monetary 
donations that are sent for Ramona, the family appreciates the help you 
can give and thanks you in advance for your support. Ona Move


*Click here to help! <https://www.gofundme.com/helpsaveramonaafrica>*

The move org. Is informing our supporters, sympathizers and all those in 
solidarity with the cause of revolution, that Ramona Africa, Move’s 
Minister of Communication, survivor of the May 13, 1985, holocaust, has 
been hospitalized as result of health complications coming from a 
condition called PTSD {post taumatic stress disorder}. A direct result 
of the on-going war waged on our Move Family by this government {we’ve 
lost 24 members to date}.  Two died in prison under suspicious 
circumstances termed “cancer”.  Now Ramona is diagnosed with “cancer” 
and she’s again battling to be a survivor.

If there’s any questions or concerns people want to address please 
contact Alberta Africa or Sue Africa at helpramonaafrica at gmail.com

ON The Move
Long Live John Africa!

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