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July 31, 2018

Dear Friends, Supporters and Family,

The lock-down has ended after 50+ days and we were able to have a legal 
visit with Leonard and share all the work done in his absence.

Our FOIA attorney has been successful in obtaining 6,020 new pages of 
documents withheld from Leonard for well over 40 years. However, we are 
still requesting the release of all remaining FOIA documents for 
specific time periods, so the struggle continues.

Leonard received word the Washington case regarding his First Amendment 
Right to have his paintings shown in public spaces will be allowed to 
move forward. There is a very insightful article in Native News 
(SEE BELOW) with an excellent overview of the case. The new lawyer is 
very positive about the case which will allow him to show the misconduct 
of the FBI has continued from the false affidavits sent to Canada to 
their attempts to Leonard from showing his art to the community today.

During the lockdown, Leonard was taken out for his post heart surgery 
9th month check-up; he received a very positive report from the doctor. 
Due to this, there should not be a reason for the BOP to deny Leonard 
his much needed prostate surgery, or hip replacement. Leonard will be 
sending a medical request and hopes you help by writing a letter, make 
calls, or send an e-mail in support of his request. We will send out an 
email with an update as this progresses.

On the 28th of July, the 2018 Peltier Freedom Ride kicked off from 
Mankato, Minnesota. Ken Fourcloud and 7 other men are on horseback 
riding to Coleman, Florida to highlight Leonard’s continued struggle for 
freedom; they hope to arrive by Sept. 22nd. To show Leonard’s 
appreciation, ILPDC is raffling one of his paintings “Filling the 
Chanupa to Pray”. The tickets are $25.00 for 1 ticket and 5 tickets for 
$100.00. You can purchase your tickets by using the donate button on our 
website, or send a check to the International Leonard Peltier Defense 
Committee, 116 W. Osborne Ave., Tampa Florida 33603. If you are 
interested in following the Freedom route If they are riding through an 
area near you, please show your support for Leonard and the riders.

The 12th of September is Leonard’s 74th birthday, a wonderful gift for 
Leonard would be for his supporters to hold fundraising events in their 
area. All proceeds help to maintain the office and pay the much needed 
attorney fees.

In the words of Leonard Peltier: “Only one thing's sadder than 
remembering you were once free, and that's forgetting you were once free.

Please help us make Leonard’s freedom a reality. Leonard and the 
committee appreciate all your continued support.

In the Spirit of Freedom,

The National office and Board


  Court Case Can Move Forward for Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier and Son

by Levi Rickert/- Published July 18, 2018/

*TACOMA, Wash.* — A federal judge in Tacoma, Washington on Monday ruled 
that case brought by political prisoner Leonard Peltier (Turtle Mountain 
Band of Chippewa Indians) and his son, Chauncey, can move to trial. The 
Peltiers claim their First Admendment rights were violated when Leonard 
Peltier’s paintings were removed from a public exhibition were removed 
after former FBI agents complained to officials at the Washington State 
Department of Labor and Industries.

Peltier, who is a considered a political prisoner from people such as 
BIshop Desmond Tutu, American Indians and Amnesty International, was 
convicted of killing two FBI agents in 1975 on the Pine Ridge Indian 
Reservation at Oglala, South Dakota. Notable legal experts, including 
former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark who says Peltier was not given 
a fair trial by the U.S. government.

Peltier is currently incarcerated at the U.S. Penitentiary in Coleman, 

Monday’s ruling involves the removal of four paintings from a state 
building in Washington state. Peltier, who took up painting as a 
prisoner, had the four paintings on display at a public exhibition the 
Labor & Industries headquarters in Olympia, Washington during Native 
American Heritage Month in November 2015. The paintings after being on 
display for two weeks were removed after two ex-FBI agents complained to 
State of Washington officials.

After the paintings were removed the elder Peltier told his son his 
rights were violated. Chauncey Peltier told Native News Online that he 
began receiving calls from attorneys who said the Peltiers should file a 

In Monday’s federal district court ruling, U.S. District Judge Ronald 
Leighton said that the Department of Labor & Industries failed to show a 
“compelling government interest” when it took down the four paintings.

“Freedom of speech, though not absolute, is protected against censoship 
or punishment, unless shown likely to produce a clear and present danger 
of a serious substantive evil that rises far above public inconvenience, 
annoyance or unrest,” Leighton writes in response the State of 
Washington’s motion to have the lawsuit dismissed.

The judge’s decision was met with excitement from Chauncey Peltier. 
Leonard Peltier has yet to react publicly to Monday’s ruling.

            /*“This is the first time in 43 years of my
            father’s incarceration that any court has ruled in his favor
            of his rights, ” Chauncey Peltier told Native News Online on
            Wednesday afternoon. “This is a big deal because a court has
            finally recognizes the rights of my father. This comes from
            a known conservative judge who recognized the rights of my
            father were violated.”*/

Chauncey Peltier does not know when the case will go to trial.

Read the ruling HERE 

        About The Author

Levi Rickert, a tribal citizen of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, is 
the publisher and editor of Native News Online. Previously, he served as 
editor of the Native News Network. He is a resident of Grand Rapids, 

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