[Pnews] California - Demand CDCr Release Drafters of Historic Agreement to End Hostilities from Solitary Confinement!

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Mon Apr 23 10:38:10 EDT 2018

*Emergency Action Alert:*

In October, 2017, the 2 year court monitoring period of the /Ashker v. 
Governor/ settlement to limit solitary confinement in California 
expired. Since then, the four drafters of the _Agreement to End 
and lead hunger strike negotiators – Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa, Arturo 
Castellanos, George Franco, and Todd Ashker, have all been removed from 
general population and put in solitary in Administrative Segregation 
Units, based on fabricated information created by staff and/or 
collaborating “inmate informants.” In Todd Ashker’s case, he is being 
isolated “for his own protection,” although he does not ask for nor 
desire to be placed in isolation for this or any reason. Sitawa has been 
returned to population, but can still not have visitors.

*Please contact CA Department of Corrections and rehabilitation (CDCr) 
Secretary Scott Kernan and Governor Edmund G. Brown and demand CDCr:*

  * *Immediately release back into general population any of the four
    lead organizers still held in solitary*

  * *Return other /Ashker/ class members to general population who have
    been placed in Ad Seg*

  * *Stop the retaliation against all /Ashker/ class members and offer
    them meaningful rehabilitation opportunities*

/*Contact Scott Kernan*/*. He prefers mailed letters to 1515 S Street, 
Sacramento 95811. If you call 916-324-7308, press 0 for the 
Communications office. Email *_*matthew.westbrook at cdcr.ca.gov* 
<mailto:matthew.westbrook at cdcr.ca.gov>_*and cc: 
*_*scott.kernan at cdcr.ca.gov* <mailto:scott.kernan at cdcr.ca.gov>_

/*Contact Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.*/*, c/o State Capitol, Suite 
1173, Sacramento, CA 95814; Phone: (916) 445-2841; Fax: (916) 558-3160; 
Email: _https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov39mail/ 

As a result of the administrative reviews established after the second 
prisoner hunger strike in 2011 and the /Ashker /settlement of 2015, 
California’s SHU population has decreased from_3923 people in October 
to 537 in January 2018. Returning these four men and many other hunger 
strikers back to solitary in the form of Ad Seg represents an 
intentional effort to undermine the Agreement to End Hostilities and the 
settlement, and return to the lock ‘em up mentality of the 1980’s.

Sitawa writes: “What many of you on the outside may not know is the long 
sordid history of CDCr’s ISU [Institutional Services Unit]/ IGI 
[Institutional Gang Investigator]/Green Wall syndicate’s [organized 
groups of guards who act with impunity] pattern and practice, here and 
throughout its prison system, of retaliating, reprisals, intimidating, 
harassing, coercing, bad-jacketing [making false entries in prisoner 
files], setting prisoners up, planting evidence, fabricating and 
falsifying reports (i.e., state documents), excessive force upon unarmed 
prisoners, [and] stealing their personal property . . .”

CDCr officials are targeting the /Ashker v. Governor /class members to 
prevent them from being able to organize based on the Agreement to End 
Hostilities, and to obstruct their peaceful efforts to effect genuine 
changes – for rehabilitation, returning home, productively contributing 
to the improvement of their communities, and deterring recidivism.

*Please help put a stop to this retaliation with impunity. Contact 
Kernan and Brown today:*

/*Scott Kernan*/ *prefers mailed letters to 1515 S Street, Sacramento 
95811. If you call 916-324-7308, press 0 for the Communications office. 
Email: *_*matthew.westbrook at cdcr.ca.gov* 
<mailto:matthew.westbrook at cdcr.ca.gov>_*and cc: 
_scott.kernan at cdcr.ca.gov <mailto:scott.kernan at cdcr.ca.gov>_*

/*Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.*/*, c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, 
Sacramento, CA 95814; Phone: (916) 445-2841**; **Fax: (916) 558-3160; 


*Read statements from the reps:*

•**Joint Statement from the four – _Don’t let CDCR reverse our Hunger 
Strike-won legal victory 

•  Sitawa – _Brutha Sitawa: CDCr and Soledad Prison retaliate with false 
reports to return me to solitary confinement 

•  Arturo – _Statement by Arturo Castellanos 

•  Todd – _We stand together so prisoners never have to go through the 
years of torture we did 
(with Open Letter to Gov. Brown, CA legislators and CDCR Secretary Kernan)

/Download and PRINT this 1-Page Emergency Action Alert 

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863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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