[Pnews] What you can do to support Herman Bell - even if you wrote a letter already - please do this as well!

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*What you can do to support Herman Bell - even if you wrote a letter 
already - please do this as well!*

Dear Friends,

We are asking that you *email* Anthony Annucci, Commissioner of New York 
Dept. of Corrections and also NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Please use this 
sample letter:

Anthony Annucci
Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
*Annucci.Anthony at doccs.ny.gov*
(518) 457-8134

Cc: Governor Andrew Cuomo
(212) 257-6405

Dear Commissioner Annucci (Governor Cuomo):

I am writing in concern and outrage over the unprovoked beating by Great 
Meadow C.F. correctional officers of Herman Bell, #79C0262 

On September 5th, with no provocation, five or six correctional officers 
assaulted this widely respected elder. These guards punched and kicked 
Mr. Bell all over his body while he was on the ground. He was kneed in 
the chest and stomach, breaking two of his ribs. One guard then grabbed 
his head and slammed it into the ground three times, at which point Mr. 
Bell thought his life would be ending. He was excessively maced at close 
range all over his face and eyes, causing temporarily blindness and 
inability to breathe.

Mr. Bell is accused of assaulting one of the officers. This charge is 
absurd. The assault on Herman Bell is part of an epidemic of violence by 
NYS prison guards against the incarcerated population--an epidemic 
documented by the New York Times and other journalists, as well as by 
criminal justice agencies.

The idea that this 69-year-old man would have hit an officer is 
ludicrous, as he was about to have a family visit (the first in two and 
a half years) and was beginning preparations for an appearance at the 
Board of Parole this coming February. Mr. Bell was looking forward to 
the family visit with great anticipation, and he is optimistic about his 
chances at the Board, given recent changes in parole regulations and the 
appointment of new commissioners. There is absolutely no doubt that he 
did not commit any infraction on September 5th; he also has not had a 
ticket in the past 20 years. Mr. Bell has been imprisoned in the NY 
State system for over 38 years and has never been accused of assaulting 

This brutal assault by Great Meadow guards constitutes not only staff 
abuse but also elder abuse. Mr. Bell will be 70 years of age in four 
months. He was badly injured in the beating. Mr. Bell requires both a CT 
scan of his head and an ophthalmology examination.

I write to demand that you take these actions:

That Herman Bell be immediately given adequate medical screening and 
attention at an outside hospital;

That CO J. Saunders and the other officers responsible for the beating 
be fired;

That the ridiculous charges brought against Herman Bell be dropped 
immediately and that he be returned at least to general population (he 
had been on the Honor Block at Great Meadow and despite his request was 
never given a reason for being moved to general population);

That Mr. Bell’s family visits be reinstated;

That Mr. Bell be moved to a facility where his family visiting can take 
place and be rescheduled at the earliest possible date.



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