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Omaha 2 Political Prisoner, Ed Poindexter has been in the hospital or 
the infirmary at the Nebraska State Penitentiary since December of 2016. 
He had triple bypass heart surgery followed by foot infections that are 
still healing. He’s doing much better and may be out of the infirmary by 
the end of summer.

Ed still doesn’t have his eyeglasses, does not have a typewriter and his 
handwriting is shaky – so correspondence is challenging.

Ed recently mailed an application to the Midwest Innocence Project. It 
may take six months for them to review his application. His is asking 
for their assistance in taking on his legal appeals of innocence.

Ed is asking for our help to take a moment to write a letter to the MIP 
to encourage them to act on his behalf.

Please tell them how important Ed’s case is. The forensic evidence was a 
joke by today’s standards.

Please send your letter to:

Tricia Bushnell, Director

Midwest Innocence Project
605 West 47th Street Suite 222
Kansas City MO 64112

Thank you again for caring about Ed.

*Send a letter or postcard to Ed*

Edward Poindexter
P.O. Box 2500
Lincoln, NE


More information about Ed Poindexter:



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