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9/5/2017 LEtterhead buffaloGood Day, Everyone, Supporters, Friends and 

Slept in a little this a.m., my cells had the ac/air going so it wasn't 
only a little chilled but under the blankets it felt nice and warm and 
sort of cozy so I just laid there, thinking about life home and just 
freedom an all. I wish I could spend some time with my Great and 
grandchildren even some of my now middle-aged children, who believe they 
are the victims in this whole life. They even believe they should be 
given all of the attention. I keep trying to get them to understand you 
have to earn leadership, read a law book, some legal articles, something 
that can help you gain more intelligence but I get criticized for it, so 
I suggest videos about our history the U.S. history, world history and 
then you can become a good leader!

Well This triple by pass operation was totally unexpected! I have had 
these other medical problems for over a couple of years now: Prostate 
and Hip problems. But this Triple By Pass, Wow! and believe me it wasn't 
a very pleasant operation at all. I guess it never is when your whole 
chest has been open.

O.K. so now I'm in the recovery period. I'm now in a Handicap cell, the 
largest cell I have been in since I was in prison. I can NO longer touch 
one wall with one fingertip to the other wall. But this large cell might 
be over sooner than I thought. I just heard I'M being transferred to 
another cell block (A) which they are going to make into an Elderly 
Block! BUT now I need to work on getting well as the post-surgery period 
is the most serious healing period as you all know.

Paulette and ILPDC will relocate the ILPDC closer to me and since no one 
even knew I was in the hospital until after I got out and was back in my 
assigned cell. I think it will be a good idea in many areas not only 
protection for me but to rebuild the ILPDC. And friends we will need 
some financial help to do this work. I don't have Any Personal funds, So 
I have to depend on you, the grass roots activist for help. Every little 
bit adds up so donations are needed, unless you can’t afford it (of 
course:) don't need to be large just many.

Framed Prints and original art work in your homes would be great talking 
subjects Just an idea, but purchase them from Kari Ann, the only ILPDC 
Art Director!

O.K. I will try to keep you as updated as much as possible. Thanks to 
all of you brothers and Sisters, for all you help and concern over all 
of these yrs. I do Love you all.
IN the Spirit of Crazy Horse.
Leonard Peltier.

We from the committee want to thank you all for your continued support. 
This surgery Uncle Leonard went through only shows how he will not be 
here forever. Please take the time to help with the legal fees. This is 
his last trimester in life and he needs your help to get this campaign 
moving. Doksha,
Kari Ann and Paulette

Please Donate at our website. www.whoisleonardpeltier.info 

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863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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