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Sunday, August 20, 2017 #2

Dear Anne,

Hi. Hope these words are catching you doing positively. I received your 
letter (of 7/21) a couple of weeks ago.

So yeah, my situation remains the same—“pending designation to CMU”. My 
case is still in the Western BOP Regional Office. I think reaching out 
to them with concern and more is what needs to be done. I mean most of 
the time these prison bureaucrats get away with doing what they want—but 
resisting their moves is necessary.

I am supposed to be getting a legal phone call with my local Guild 
attorney this week sometime. I think the issues you raised about legal 
action are something we will be discussing.

Yes, Anne, my situation—I mean getting thrown into seg and trying to 
send me to a control unit for sending a eulogy for Lynne, is just a 
blatant example of run-away abuse of government power. But of course the 
BOP, and prison system(s) overall, are the most, for real, “police 
state” institutions in the U.S.—well I’d probably throw ICE into that 
camp, too.

Hey, speaking of prisons, I’m looking forward to hearing news on the 
D.C. prison rally that happened yesterday. I do have my little radio 
here in the cell, but did not hear anything on NPR—maybe something on 
Democracy Now tomorrow. And speaking more on prison matters, I very much 
support Jalil’s idea about international efforts.

And of course, always warm salutes and regards to Ralph and everyone. …

Yeah, I heard about Rashid’s move too—and all while ISIS terrorizes 
Catalonia and Nazis in Virginia!

La Lucha Continua—for real!

*How you can support Jaan:*

*Write/call/email the Bureau of Prisons and ask them to end the 
repression against Jaan!*

Please write and call the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) officials below and 
ask that Jaan:

1. Be released from segregation & placed back into general population 

2. That he not be moved to a Communication Management Unit or punished 
further for exercising free speech.

3. Have his phone and email privileges be restored immediately.

Please remind them that Jaan is an elder prisoner, and you are concerned 
about his health in segregation and you would be concerned about his 
safety if he is moved to a Communication Management Unit.
Mary M. Mitchell, Regional Director
BOP Regional Office
7338 Shoreline Dr
Stockton, CA 95219
Regional email: wxro/execassistant at bop.gov 
<mailto:wxro/execassistant at bop.gov>
Phone: 209-956-9700
Fax: 209-956-9793

For more info on Jaan, please visit http://www.jerichony.org 

Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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