[Pnews] Palestine hunger strikers - Weakness and fatigue have hit our bodies, but our will and determination have grown

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  Karim Younes from isolation: “Weakness and fatigue have hit our
  bodies, but our will and determination have grown”

May 23, 2017

Karim Younes 
the longest consecutively-held Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails and 
one of the imprisoned leaders who joined 1500 fellow Palestinian 
launching the Strike for Freedom and Dignity issued a statement from 
prison on Tuesday, 23 May. The statement was presented 
<http://www.wattan.tv/news/205490.html> by Younes’ brother and lawyer, 
Tamim Younes:

Our resisting people

I address you from behind the barbed wire on the 37th day of the battle 
for freedom and dignity to inform you that our bodies may be weakened 
and barely able to move, but our spirits reach the sky, and despite the 
stretch of the battle and its ferocity, we are determined to continue 
until we achieve victory, not only for us but for all of our people.

The prison and security authorities have tried through several meetings 
offered to us to suspend the strike and discuss our demands after that, 
but we refused and have categorically rejected this approach.

We are determined to complete the mission to the fullest. This battle is 
not only a battle of prisoners and their demands, but it is the battle 
of the people and their dignity.

It is no secret that weakness and fatigue have hit our bodies, but our 
will and determination have grown and strengthened above the ability of 
our bodies.

On the 37th day, we assure you that we will not retreat before the 
escalation and arrogance of the occupier. We will escalate our steps of 
struggle in the days to come, at the forefront of these steps to refrain 
from taking salt water.

This requires a parallel escalation of our people and our supporters to 
expand and take the battle everywhere.

The occupation and its jailers have imprisoned our bodies, but our souls 
remain resisting and free.

We will not retreat, will not retreat, will not retreat.

Either victory or martyrdom.

Karim Younes
Isolation cells, Ramle Ayalon prison

23 May 2017

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