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  On Rasmea’s 70th birthday, read her speech from Oscar Lopez’ homecoming

May 22, 2017

      On Rasmea’s 70th birthday, read her speech from Oscar Lopez’

      /And help with legal fees/

Today, May 22nd, is Rasmea’s 70th birthday, and she’s been pretty busy 
the past few weeks.  The Hana Center <http://www.hanacenter.org> honored 
her on May 5th, she spoke at Northwestern University on May 15th, and 
she gave a powerful welcoming statement at the emotional return of 
former Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez to Paseo Boricua in 
Chicago on May 18th.  (Watch Rasmea’s speech at the 1 hour, 45 minute 
mark here 
<https://www.facebook.com/chi.nbhrn/videos/10154865189209055/>, and read 
the full text below.)

On this milestone birthday, the *Rasmea Defense Committee is asking for 
your support* to help close out some legal and other expenses.  You all 
made an incredible commitment to Rasmea and her historic defense 
campaign, but we are still in need of additional donations.  Please give 
what you can here <http://www.justice4rasmea.org/donate>, and be on the 
lookout for an announcement of Rasmea’s farewell event coming soon! 
Thank you!

Rasmea Defense Committee – May 22nd, 2017


      Rasmea’s address at the Oscar Lopez homecoming in Chicago

In my organizing career, I have spoken in front of the Palestine 
National Council, the Palestinian legislative body in exile, and in 
front of a United Nations special committee in Geneva, but *I am as 
proud to be in front of this audience tonight as I have ever been in my 
**entire life. *

Oscar, I was released after 10 years as a political prisoner in 
Palestine two years before you started your sentence, and *I know your 
story very well, because your life **is an example to me and to all of 
us. *You have taught us what it means to be principled and committed to 
your people and all oppressed peoples of the world.  We thank you for 
your sacrifice and your strength, and the way you motivate us to fight 
for our rights and our liberation like you always have.

The Puerto Ricans in this city have always been close to our community. 
We have faced similar grand jury repression and attacks on our activism. 
We’ve marched together in dozens of protests for immigrant rights, 
Palestinian independence, Puerto Rican independence, and other social 
justice issues. We organized together at UIC in the radical student 
days, and no other community mobilized like yours when the government 
came after the Palestine support movement and the Anti-War 23 in Chicago 
in 2010.

*And now we get to celebrate together*—with the National Boricua Human 
Rights Network and the Puerto Rican Cultural Center and all of you—*the 
freedom of your leader Oscar Lopez.*  But he is not just your leader. He 
is our leader too.

Oscar, over six thousand Palestinians are political prisoners in Israeli 
jails because they fight for what you fight for, self-determination and 
an end to colonialism and full and complete independence. One thousand 
eight hundred of them are currently on an open ended hunger strike in 
its 31^st day, and they are in need of your voice of support, because 
they are inspired by your freedom and *your refusal to accept anything 
less than all of your people’s demands. *

I have faced my own criminalization by the U.S. government, and will 
have to leave my home here in a few months. Wherever I land, I will 
continue my fight for Palestinian independence, and *I will continue to 
support the independence of Puerto Rico*. And I pray that we both live 
long enough to see our two nations free from the evils of colonialism 
and U.S. imperialism. *Welcome home, Oscar!*


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