[Pnews] Palestine - the prisoners will to continue with the hunger strike until victory or death

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  "Either victory or martyrdom:" Karim Younes wrote in his letter

May 15, 2017

Karim Younes, known as “the Dean of Palestinian prisoners,” wrote a 
letter emphasizing that the prisoners will to continue with the hunger 
strike until victory or death, and despite repressive measures taken by 
prison forces to break the will of hunger-striking prisoners and detainees.

Prisoner Younis also said in the letter that the prisoners informed the 
Israeli Prison Service (IPS) administration that they are ready for 
serious negotiations only, and not for any empty sessions or promises.

Mr. Younes added that the only body authorized to negotiate are the 
leaders of the strike, and according to the standards set in the 
beginning of the strike.

Full text of the letter:

/Our noble people,/

/From the cells of steadfastness, //freedom//and dignity in the 
isolation section of Ramla Prison, we salute you and appeal to you 

/We assure you of our steadfastness and determination to achieve victory 
no matter how long the battle lasts./

/We assure the masses of our people that the news of their solidarity 
and //support reach//us despite the isolation and siege, and we firmly 
believe in the inevitability of victory no matter how fierce the battle 

/While the prison authorities have used all forms of repressive measures 
in order to break our will and subjugate us, these measures only 
increased our determination to continue with the hunger strike./

/Representatives of the occupation intelligence services have tried to 
hold false and futile negotiations with us aimed at breaking the hunger 
strike in exchange for empty promises./

/That is why we have told them that we are ready for serious 
negotiations only, and not for any empty meetings that aim at ending the 
hunger strike. Therefore, we do not consider their previous attempts as 
  negotiations, but a way of gaining time./

/We also assure that the only authority authorized to negotiate is 
leaders of the strike and according to the criteria and principles that 
it set before the beginning of the battle./

/Today, on the 28th day of the strike, we assure our people that our 
steadfastness and firmness cannot be destabilized by any force./

/However, if the occupation authorities are depending on the factor of 
time, we are the best at making time in our favor./

/Either victory or martyrdom./

/And nothing but victory .... because there is no life without dignity./

/Your brother Karim Yunus/

/Ayalon Prison – Ramla/

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