[Pnews] Cuba - Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos Celebrates Release of Oscar López Rivera

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Thu May 18 10:51:27 EDT 2017

*Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos Celebrates
Release TODAY!!! *

Recap in English

During a celebration of the now total freedom of Oscar López Rivera, 
Oscar was on the phone with Fernando Gonzalez Lloret, president of the 
Cuban Institute for Friendship with the People (Instituto Cubano de 
Amistad con los Pueblos or ICAP) in order to celebrate with ICAP and to 
personally thank them for their part in his struggle for freedom. The 
institute was crowded with over200 people during a jubilant meeting to 
celebrate Oscar’s liberty in the same place, where over the years, 
numerous events were held in support of his release.

Fernando, who was Oscar’s cell mate for 4 years, tried various times to 
make a connection unsuccessfully, which raised the anxiety for everyone 
in the place, when finally, he exclaimed, “Brother, how are you? It’s 
great to hear your voice again!” He then described the ICAP celebration 
to Oscar.

He shared with Oscar, all the emotion everyone felt on knowing he is 
completely free, continuing to believe firmly in independence and for 
loving his homeland. He also shared the happiness Cuba will feel on 
welcoming him there with love, this November, in the same place where, 
from the terrace, they will see him enter victoriously one day, because 
“we were sure of this victory, of your cause, which is the cause of 
independence for Puerto Rico.”

At the end of the call, Fernando asked, “Can you hear the applause and 
everyone calling out?” while the audience gave a prolonged ovation and 
repeated “¡Viva Oscar!” Long Live Oscar!” They shared recollections of 
being inside and the camaraderie that developed between them.

Edwin Gonzalez, a delegate of the Puerto Rico Mission in Cuba, commented 
on Oscar’s years of imprisonment and his freedom. He returns to a 
homeland where everyone is happy about his release, but that is a colony 
in crisis, emphasizing that Oscar is a fighter, militant, and ready to 
continue the struggle for the independence of his beloved island.

He went on to speak about Oscar’s long time in prison and the joy felt 
by his daughter Clarissa, family, the people of Puerto Rico, Cuba, the 
US and around the world, who worked so long and hard for his day.Now, 
the monarch butterflies and sea he longed for so much, today are 

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