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  Take Action: Palestinian Prisoners' Month 2017

30 March 2017

Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association calls on 
campaigners, activists, and people of conscience to take actions for 
Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on April 17 to stand in solidarity with all 
Palestinian political prisoners. *Every year, the month of April is 
considered Palestinian prisoners’ month. In this month, the Palestinian 
people and supporters of justice and liberation for Palestine all over 
the world mark this month by expressing their support to Palestinian 
political prisoners through organizing events and activities to stand in 
solidarity with Palestinian prisoners of freedom. *

This month is one of demonstrations, rallies, marches, events and 
actions to commemorate, support and build solidarity for the struggle of 
imprisoned Palestinians. 2017 marks the year of 50 years of military 
courts and military orders, controlling all aspects of Palestinian civil 
and political life. We urge all activists, campaigners, organizations 
and people of conscience to organize actions for Palestinian prisoners’ 
freedom throughout the month of April 2017.

Approximately 6,500 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli prisons 
and detention centers, including approximately 300 children and nearly 
550 held under administrative detention 
<http://www.addameer.org/etemplate.php?id=667>, a form of detention 
without charge or trial that Israel uses to hold Palestinians 
indefinitely on secret information.

Each year the Israeli military arrests thousands of Palestinians in an 
attempt to suppress any resistance to its continued occupation and 
apartheid policies. Among these are hundreds of children 
some as young as 12 years old. In too many cases Palestinian children 
are tortured, ill-treated, placed in solitary confinement and coerced 
into signing a confession in Hebrew, a language which most Palestinian 
children do not understand. Every year approximately 500-700 children 
are sentenced in Israeli courts.

Night raids are the most common form of arrest, during which Israeli 
soldiers will ransack an individual’s house, destroying personal 
property and abusing physically abusing family members. The arrested 
person will then be handcuffed and blindfolded before being thrown into 
the back of an Israeli military jeep, face-down, where the beatings, 
insults, and humiliation will continue.

Under Israeli military law, Palestinians can be interrogated for a 
period of 75 days and denied access to a lawyer for 60 days. Since 1967, 
approximately 75 Palestinian detainees have died as a result of torture 
while under Israeli interrogation.

Every day, Palestinian prisoners are on the front lines of struggle, 
facing torturous interrogation, nighttime raids, solitary confinement 
and relentless attacks on their rights at the hands of Israeli 
occupation forces. Those attacks are aided by international and 
corporate complicity, support and profiteering. Palestinian Prisoners’ 
Day is a critical time to stand against state and corporate complicity 
with Israeli imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners.

*Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association urges all people 
to organize events throughout the month of April to stand in solidarity 
with the struggle of  Palestinian political prisoners. 2017 marks 100 
years of the Balfour declaration; 70 years of Palestinian Catastrophe 
(al-Nakba); 50 years of brutal military occupation. This is also the 
year to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its actions and to 
demand the immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners!*


1. *Join Addameer social media campaign aims at raising awareness: *hold 
a sign saying*#Free_Palestinian_Political_Prisoners, or #StopAD 
(administrative detention campaign), #NotATarget (Human Rights Defenders 
campaign), *and share either a picture of you holding a sign or just the 
hashtag along with a picture of a prisoner or a detainee on social media 
(twitter and facebook) to raise awareness.

2. *Join Addameer’s campaigns and their Call to Action: *Addameer has 
two major campaigns: Stop Administrative Detention campaign 
<http://www.addameer.org/Campaign/stop-administrative-detention> and the 
Human Rights Defenders campaign 
<http://www.addameer.org/Campaign/stop-administrative-detention>. You 
could use any of addameer’s materials prepared for these two campaigns 
or any other materials on Addameer’s website. 

3. *Organize a protest, demonstration, speaking event or banner drop *in 
your city*, *community or campus calling for the immediate release of 
all Palestinian political prisoners and to show solidarity with the 
hunger striking prisoners and detainees.

4. *Write to Israeli officials or to your local MPs to demand release 
for Palestinian political prisoners.* Write a message and email or fax 
it to the officials below.

5. *Join BDS Campaign: *Organize an action at HP office in your city to 
highlight the role of corporations involved in – and profiting from – 
the political imprisonment of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation.

6. *Send an email to* *info at addameer.ps* <mailto:info at addameer.ps>*or to 
our **Facebook page* 
<mailto:https://www.facebook.com/AddameerAssociation/>*to let us know 
about any actions you are planning.*

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863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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