[Pnews] Accused ETA Militant Extradited to Spain Despite Torture Claims

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  Accused ETA Militant Extradited to Spain Despite Torture Claims

23 March 2017

Swiss officials announced on Thursday they would extradite a former 
Basque politician and purported ETA activist to Spain after denying her 
request for asylum given allegations she was brutally tortured while in 
a Spanish prison.

Nekane Txapartegi had fled to Switzerland after a 2007 conviction for 
supporting the Basque separatist group ETA's activities, later claiming 
asylum on the basis that she had been suffocated with a plastic bag, 
raped, beaten and subjected to electroshock treatment while in a Spanish 
prison after a 1999 arrest.

At the time of her arrest, Txapartegi was an elected city councilor in 
Asteasu in the Basque region of northern Spain and was later elected 
mayor while still in prison awaiting trial.

After several years underground in Switzerland, Txapartegi was arrested 
in in Zurich, Switzerland in April 2016 on an international warrant and 
has been in detention awaiting the judgment in her asylum request case.

The World Organization Against Torture had intervened in Txapartegi’s 
case noting that her confession of supporting illegal ETA activities had 
been extracted via torture, allegations supported by a prison doctor who 
examined Txapartegi after her detention and found injuries consistent 
with torture.

In 2010 a Spanish court found four police officers guilty of torturing 
suspected ETA militants, sentencing them to prison and ordering them to 
pay compensation to their victims.

The ETA was founded in 1959 in response to Spanish dictator Francisco 
Franco’s brutal repression of Basque culture and independent politics.

For over 40 years the ETA carried out clandestine attacks on police and 
military officials as well as Francoist politicians, sometimes killing 
civilians in the process.

The ETA was eventually labeled a terrorist organization by both the 
Spanish and U.S. governments for its fight to achieve Basque independence.

In 2011, the ETA declared a permanent ceasefire.

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