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  Survivors of long term solitary confinement petition for institutional

July 30, 2017

To: CDCr Secretary Scott Kernan and Director Kathline Allison

From: Abdul Olugbala Shakur (aka J. Harvey, C48884) and Joka Heshima 
Jinsai (aka S. Denham, J38283)

      *Petition for Institutional Restitution*

The following is what we believe to be just and fair and reasonable 
requests considering the inhumane treatment that many of the prisoners 
were being subjected to while housed in solitary confinement, or 
isolation, for decades, especially at Pelican Bay State Prison and 
Corcoran State Prison.

The Amerikan judicial system strongly believes in full restoration to 
those who have been victimized unjustly, and being in prison does not 
negate the rights of prisoners to receive restitution from a system that 
committed crimes under the manufactured cloak of combating prison gangs. 
Via the Ashker v. Governor settlement, the prisoner class proved their 
case beyond a reasonable doubt. Even the judge in this matter strongly 
recommended that the governor and CDCR settle this matter out of court. 
We, the people, are 100 percent in support of the following request for 
institutional restitution:

1.  While spending decades in SHU in solitary confinement, or isolation, 
we were not allowed to participate in a number of educational, 
vocational and/or self-help programs, and as a direct result, many of us 
have been unable to meet the criteria for parole suitability – not as 
part of Prop. 57. We are asking that CDCR override our points and send 
us to either a Level I, II or III institution, where many of these 
programs are available, thereby providing us with the opportunity to 
prepare ourselves for the Board of Parole Hearings.

2.  Many of us, while in the SHU, received a number of questionable RVRs 
(disciplinary reports) for allegedly engaging in gang activity. We are 
seeking full credit restoration. Of course, this will be a case-by-case 
application. (Note: This request is not part of Prop. 57.) This is 
solely part of our request for restoration, regarding those RVRs we 
received for allegedly participating in gang activity.

3.  The CDCR has identified at least 28 prisoners who had served 30 
years or more in solitary confinement, or isolation, in SHU. One such 
prisoner was Hugo Yogi Pinell, aka Dhariki Kambon. He was murdered 
within months of his release from SHU.

CDCr just released us into general population, without any consideration 
for the damage they have caused us, and then treated us like any other 
prisoner, and we are not just any other prisoner. We are rare and 
unique, in that we have just served 30 years or more in solitary 

We are requesting that those prisoners who have been subjected to both 
psychological and physical torture, which includes sensory deprivation, 
should be provided the option to be placed in an environment that would 
facilitate their healing, such as San Quentin State Prison. This will be 
part of their institutional restitution!

4.  The 28 prisoners who served 30 years or more in solitary confinement 
should be given a parole date, for they meet the state and federal 
low-risk assessment. For example, a) they are above the age of 50, and 
b) they have served over 30 years of imprisonment. Their release would 
pose no threat to society, according to your own data base!

This petition is sponsored by www.georgejacksonuniversity.com 
<http://www.concreteandsteelcoe.wordpress.com>, www.bpppress.com 
<http://www.bpppress.com>, www.freespeechsociety.org 
<http://www.freespeechsociety.org> and www.insurectionistscollective.com 

/Send our brothers some love and light: Abdul Olugbala Shakur (J. 
Harvey), C48884, and Joka Heshima Jinsai (S. Denham), J38283, B-2-117, 
P.O. Box 5102, Delano CA 93216./

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863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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