[Pnews] Two Women Claim Responsibility for DAPL Fires and Valve Destruction

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  Two Women Claim Responsibility for DAPL Fires and Valve Destruction

July 24, 2017

/by Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya / shared by Mississippi Stand 


This is our statement, we will be representing ourselves, as standby 
counsel and immediate contact is federal attorney, Bill Quigley, 
quigley77 at gmail.com, 504-710-3074. Media contact, Amber Mae, 
618-334-6035, amber at earthdefensecoalition.com; Melissa Fuller 515-490-5705.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is an issue that affects this entire nation 
and the people that are subject to its rule. With DAPL we have seen 
incredible issues regarding the rule of law, indigenous sovereignty, 
land seizures, state sanctioned brutality, as well as corporate 
protections and pardons for their wrongdoings. To all those that 
continue to be subjected to the government’s injustices, we humbly stand 
with you, and we ask now that you stand with us.

Federal courts gave corporations permission to lie and withhold 
information from the public resulting in a complete media blackout. So, 
after recently being called by the Intercept, an independent media 
outlet, regarding illegal surveillance by the Dakota Access Pipeline and 
their goons, we viewed this as an opportunity to encourage public 
discourse surrounding nonviolent direct action as well as exposing the 
inadequacies of the government and the corporations they protect.

After having explored and exhausted all avenues of process, including 
attending public commentary hearings, gathering signatures for valid 
requests for Environmental Impact Statements, participating in Civil 
Disobedience, hunger strikes, marches and rallies, boycotts and 
encampments, we saw the clear deficiencies of our government to hear the 
people’s demands.

Instead, the courts and public officials allowed these corporations to 
steal permissions from landowners and brutalize the land, water, and 
people. Our conclusion is that the system is broken and it is up to us 
as a individuals to take peaceful action and remedy it, and this we did, 
out of necessity.

We acted for our children and the world that they are inheriting is 
unfit. There are over five major bodies of water here in Iowa, and none 
of them are clean because of corporation’s flagrant irresponsibility, 
and now another wishes to poison literally millions of us irreparably by 
putting us all at risk of another major catastrophe with yet another oil 
spill. DAPL has already leaked, and it will continue do so until the oil 
is shut off and the pipes are removed from the ground.

On elecion night 2016, we began our peaceful direct action campaign to a 
Dakota Access construction site and burned at least 5 pieces of heavy 
machinery in Buena Vista County, IA. Details regarding this action are 
attached to this statement below. This was information which was not 
shared with the public. We recognize that our action wasn’t much, but we 
at least stopped construction for a day at that particular site.

We then began to research the tools necessary to pierce through 5/8 inch 
steel pipe, the material used for this pipeline. In March we began to 
apply this self-gathered information. We began in Mahaska County, IA, 
using oxy-acetylene cutting torches to pierce through exposed, empty 
steel valves, successfully delaying completion of the pipeline for 
weeks. After the success of this peaceful action, we began to use this 
tactic up and down the pipeline, throughout Iowa (and a part of South 
Dakota), moving from valve to valve until running out of supplies, and 
continuing to stop the completion of this project. More information on 
these actions is followed at the end of this statement.

These actions of great public interest were hardly reported and the 
federal government and Energy Transfer Partners colluded together to lie 
and withhold vital information to the public.

We then returned to arsonry as a tactic. Using tires and gasoline-soaked 
rags we burned multiple valve sites, their electrical units, as well as 
additional heavy equipment located on DAPL easements throughout Iowa, 
further halting construction.

Later, in the first week of May we attempted yet again to pierce a valve 
located in Wapallo County, IA with an oxy-acetylene cutting torch. It 
was at this time we discovered oil was flowing through the pipe. This 
was beyond disheartening to us, as well as to the nation at large. This 
event was again hidden from the public and replaced with lies about 
“ditch depressions”. 

We stand here now today as witnesses of peaceful, nonviolent direct 
action. Our actions have been those of necessity and humility. We feel 
we have done nothing to be ashamed of. For some reason the courts and 
ruling government value corporate property and profit over our inherent 
human rights to clean water and land.

We are speaking publicly to empower others to act boldly, with purity of 
heart, to dismantle the infrastructures which deny us our rights to 
water, land and liberty. We as civilians have seen the repeated failures 
of the government and it is our duty to act with responsibility and 
integrity, risking our own liberty for the sovereignty of us all.

Some may view these actions as violent, but be not mistaken. We acted 
from our hearts and never threatened human life nor personal property. 
What we did do was fight a private corporation that has run rampantly 
across our country seizing land and polluting our nation’s water supply. 
You may not agree with our tactics, but you can clearly see the 
necessity of them in light of the broken federal government and the 
corporations they protect.

We do not anticipate a fair trial but do expect our loved ones to 
undergo harassment from the federal government and the corporations they 
protect. We urge you to not speak one word to the federal government and 
stand firm in order to not be oppressed further into making false, but 
self-incriminating statements. Film these interactions. There are 
resources as what to do if the federal agents appear at your doorstep, 
educate and protect yourself. 
It is unfortunate to have to prepare for such things, but this is the 
government that rules, which continues to look more and more like a 
Nazi, fascist Germany as each day passes. We salute the people.

Details of our peaceful direct action are as follows. We hope this 
information helps inspire others to act boldly and peacefully, and to 
ease any anxieties to perceptions held that the state and these 
corporations are somehow an “omniscient” and “undefeatable” entity.

After studying intuitively how fires work, and the material of the 
infrastructures which we wished to halt (metal) we learned that the fire 
had to be hot enough to melt steel — and we have learned typical arsonry 
is not allows the most effective means, but every action is a thorn in 
their side.

On election night, knowing that gasoline burns quickly, but does not 
sustain by itself, we added motor oil (which burns at a higher 
temperature and for longer) and rags to coffee canisters and placed them 
on the seats of the machinery, piercing the coffee canisters once they 
were in place and striking several matches, anticipating that the seats 
would burn and maintain a fire long enough to make the machines 
obsolete. One canister did not light, and that is unfortunate, but five 
out of six ain’t bad.

As we saw construction continue, we realized that pipe was going into 
the ground and that our only means to obstruct further corporate 
desecration was somehow to pierce through the empty steel pipes exposed 
at the numerous valve sites. We learned that a welding torch using 
oxygen and acetylene was the proper tool. We bought the equipment 
outside of our city in efforts to maintain anonymity as our goal was to 
push this corporation beyond their means to eventually abandon the 
project. We bought kits at Home Depot and the tanks at welding supply 
stores, like Praxair and Mathesons. Having no experience with welding 
equipment before, we learned through our own volition and we were able 
to get the job down to 7 minutes. 

In our particular circumstances, we learned that scouting often hindered 
our ability to act in windows of opportunity. So, we went with our 
torches and protective gear on, and found numerous sites, feeling out 
the “vibe” of each situation, and deciding to act then and there, often 
in broad daylight. Trust your spirit, trust the signs.

Having run out of supplies (the tanks) we decided to return to arsonry 
because every action counts. We used gasoline and rags along with tires 
(as tires burn a nice while, once a steady fire within them burns) to 
multiple DAPL sites and equipment.

We were able to get more supplies shortly after and returned to a valve 
site in Wapello County to act again. It was then we discovered that oil 
was flowing through the pipeline. This was not reported to the public, 
instead a story of “ditch depressions” was reported to the public in 
Wapello County as the reason to why the pipeline continued to be delayed.

It is because of these lies we choose to come out publicly, to set the 
record straight, and be open about these peaceful and viable tactics 
against corporate atrocities.

If there are any regrets, it is that we did not act enough.

Please support and stand with us in this journey because we all need 
this pipeline stopped.

Water is Life, oil is death.

Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya

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