[Pnews] Oscar López Rivera will go free…but Obama is still a HYPOCRITE

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  Oscar López Rivera will go free…but Obama is still a HYPOCRITE

Nelson Denis - January 18, 2017

At long last, after 35 years, Pres. Obama finally commuted the sentence 
of Oscar López Rivera. The president is to be commended for this. But 
for eight years, Obama misled the entire Puerto Rican community. He used 
them as a doormat.

Obama betrayed every Puerto Rican…not once, not twice, but FOUR times in 
eight years. Here is how…

*#1…THE U.S. CENSUS***

In the same week that Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the US Supreme 
Court, he also nominated Robert Groves 
<http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB124241977657124963> to direct the US 
Census. The hoopla surrounding Sonia’s nomination enabled Groves to sail 
through the US Senate confirmation 
hearings – virtually undetected – and abandon statistical sampling as 
the prevailing census methodology (/see /page 15 of the transcript).

In other words, the appointment of Sotomayor served as a cover for the 
ultimate denial of /hundreds of billions/ of federal dollars from Latino 
neighborhoods, and Latino school districts, all over the US.


Obama did nothing to restore Chapter IX bankruptcy relief to Puerto 
Rico, which was arbitrarily withdrawn during the Reagan administration 
in 1984.

Obama expended no political capital; issued no executive orders; offered 
no Treasury negotiations, Dept. of Commerce initiatives, or tax code 

He simply allowed Puerto Rico to melt down 
into insolvency.


Instead of Chapter IX, Obama lobbied intensively for the passage of 
and the installation of a Financial Control Board over the entire island.

Over the next few years, hundreds of thousands of retirees may lose 
their pensions. The minimum wage may go down to $5 per hour. Electrical 
rates will double. Schools and hospitals will close. “Public private 
partnerships” will swallow the public economy. Another million Puerto 
Ricans may be forced to leave the island…and hand it over to Wall Street 
operatives and US billionaires.

THAT is Obama’s economic legacy for the people of Puerto Rico.


The appointment of Sotomayor was cleverly timed, and served to cover the 
/real /action in the US Census.

But beyond this, in 2016, Obama sent his Solicitor General to the 
Supreme Court…not once, but twice. In two landmark cases – /Sanchez 
Valle/ and /Franklin Trust/ – the Obama administration argued that 
Puerto Rico is a “territorial possession 
of the US: with no political, economic, or juridical sovereignty whatsoever.

Obama made it clear – and the Supreme Court agreed – that Puerto Rico is 
a US colony.


Barack Obama is a Harvard Law graduate, a masterful orator, and a 
talented politician. You don’t manage to become the first black POTUS 
without a strong skill set.

Unfortunately, Obama applied none of his personal skills or presidential 
powers, on behalf of Puerto Rico.

He commuted the sentence of a man who had already been pardoned twelve 
years ago, and should not have been in jail until January 2017…if at all.

We certainly appreciate the release of Oscar López Rivera. We thank 
Obama for that.

But for nine million Puerto Ricans, the Obama presidency was much ado 
about nothing 

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