[Pnews] Former hunger striker, journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq among 20 Palestinians seized by Israeli occupation forces

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  Former hunger striker, journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq among 20
  Palestinians seized by Israeli occupation forces

January 16, 2016

Israeli occupation forces seized <http://asravoice.ps/post/5161> 
Mohammed al-Qeeq 
34, Palestinian journalist and former long-term hunger striker, on the 
evening of Sunday, 15 January at the Beit El checkpoint north of 
Ramallah. Fayha Shalash, al-Qeeq’s wife, said that the occupation forces 
delayed and detained a number of families of Palestinians killed by 
Israeli forces and former prisoners at the checkpoint as they came from 
participating in a demonstration in Bethlehem for the return of the 
bodies of the martyrs held captive by the Israeli occupation.

Most were released after around 45 minutes, but al-Qeeq was separated 
from the others, arrested and transferred inside the Beit El settlement 
and its interrogation center, Shalash told Asra Voice. She also said 
that he had stated his intention to begin an open hunger strike if he 
was seized by occupation forces. Al-Qeeq remains imprisoned now in an 
unknown location.

Al-Qeeq engaged in a 94-day hunger strike 
against his administrative detention without charge or trial, winning 
his release in May 2016 
He has continued to be a visible leader and participant in defending 
Palestinian prisoners and demanding their freedom.  Al-Qeeq is one of 
over 20 Palestinian journalists 
currently imprisoned by the Israeli occupation, including Omar Nazzal 
member of the General Secretariat of the Palestinian Journalists 
Syndicate, held in administrative detention without charge or trial.

Fellow long-term hunger striker and former Palestinian prisoner Khader 
spoke in response to the <http://asravoice.ps/post/5162> arrest of 
al-Qeeq, calling for the escalation of actions and calls at all levels 
against the ongoing attacks by the occupation against released prisoners 
and the suppression of the prisoners inside the prisons.

The seizure of al-Qeeq came among the arrest of 20 Palestinians by 
Israeli occupation forces on late Sunday or early Monday morning, most 
in the Ramallah area. Among those arrested was Palestinian Legislative 
Council member Ahmed Mubarak 
<http://asrapal.net/index.php?action=detail&id=8946>. Mubarak’s seizure 
by occupation forces brings the total of PLC members currently in 
Israeli prison to 7; he joins PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat 
Fateh leader Marwan Barghouti 
Mohammed Abu Teir 
exiled Jerusalemite PLC member; and Hassan Yousef 
Mohammed Jamal Natsheh 
and Azzam Salhab 
all held in administative detention without charge or trial.

Also arrested in this series of raids 
<http://www.maannews.net/Content.aspx?id=886853> were writer Walid 
Hodali of el-Bireh, Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Saba from Beitunia, Sheikh Falah 
Abu al-Taher of el-Bireh, Omar Barghouthi from Deir Ghassaneh, Mohammed 
al-Barghouthi of Bani Zeid, Mohammed Qar’an from Beitunia. Former 
prisoners Shuja’a Darwish of Birzeit and Jihad Karajeh of Saffa were 
also seized, as were Mohammed Dahlah and Yousef Alayan of Budrus, Louay 
Nazir of Kobar and Saeb Fahmi Abu Salem of Rantis. In Beit Ummar near 
al-Khalil, Abdel Nasser Abu Maria, 18, a former prisoner, was seized by 
occupation forces, blindfolded and taken to an unknown destination.

*Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network demands the immediate 
release of Mohammed al-Qeeq and urges international action and pressure 
for his freedom and that of his fellow Palestinian prisoners, including 
imprisoned Palestinian journalists.*

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