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  Tamimi women send love from Israeli prison

Ali Abunimah <https://electronicintifada.net/people/ali-abunimah> - 21 
December 2017


Ahed, Nariman and Nour Tamimi are in high spirits and are sending 
greetings to supporters around the world from their cells in HaSharon 
prison <https://electronicintifada.net/tags/hasharon-prison> where 
Israel is detaining them.

Ahed, 16, her mother Nariman and her 21-year-old cousin Nour were 
arrested in recent days by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank 
village of Nabi Saleh <https://electronicintifada.net/tags/nabi-saleh>.

This followed violence on Friday when occupation forces shot Muhammad 
Fadel Tamimi 
a 14-year-old member of the extended family, in the head leaving him 
gravely injured.

The Tamimi women then ordered the occupation soldiers off the family 
property and tried to remove them physically.

A video of heavily armed Israeli soldiers being forcefully confronted by 
Palestinian civilians defending their village was widely shown in 
Israeli media and prompted a campaign of threats and revenge 
by Israeli leaders against the Tamimi family.

The Israeli army published a video 
to brag about its night raid to seize Ahed Tamimi from her home, 
prompting outrage and expressions of solidarity with the teenager and 
her family from all over the world.

On Thursday, Nariman and Nour were taken before Israel’s Ofer military 
court in the occupied West Bank. Just as the court did with Ahed in a 
hearing the day before, their detention was extended at least until Monday.

Bassem Tamimi <https://electronicintifada.net/tags/bassem-tamimi>, 
Ahed’s father, posted on Facebook 
following Thursday’s hearing that all three are being held in HaSharon 
prison – Nariman and Nour in one cell and Ahed in another.

According to Bassem, they are being held in the section of the prison 
for Israeli criminals instead of the section where Palestinian women are 
usually detained.

Ahed, Nariman and Nour are in high spirits and “sending their love and 
respect for you, our partners in our struggle for freedom and justice,” 
Bassem Tamimi wrote.

    Silent resistance

On Wednesday there had been reports that Bassem, himself a former 
prisoner of conscience 
in Israel’s jails, had again been detained by occupation forces.

<https://twitter.com/screamingtamimi/status/943782286939639808> to 
extended family member Manal Tamimi, Bassem had not been formally 
arrested but has been summoned for questioning.

Bassem also posted a Facebook message 
after Wednesday’s hearing for Ahed. He said his daughter was “refusing 
to speak with Israeli officers who are trying to interrogate her.”

“Despite the abuse and ongoing imprisonment, she is staying silent and 
refusing to have any cooperation with [the] occupation,” Bassem added.

He also appealed for ongoing support “to defend our family from the 
propaganda the Israeli media is instigating against us.”

Bassem also told media after the hearing the he feels proud of Ahed, 
“but I also worry about her because she is in the hands of this 
terrorist regime.” He added that he had no trust in Israel’s military 
court, because it is a part of the occupation.

Bassem also said that he faced interrogation by Israeli authorities.

    500 arrested

Israel has been waging a long-running campaign to suppress the 
nonviolent resistance to its occupation and colonization in Nabi Saleh.

Israel’s violence has cost the lives and freedom 
of many members of the Tamimi family and others in the village.

The Tamimi women are among more than 500 Palestinians detained since 
Israel began an intensified arrest campaign following US President 
Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on 6 
December, prisoners rights group Addameer said on Thursday 

In the early hours of Thursday alone, occupation forces detained 85 
Palestinians in the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

“These mass arrest and harassment campaigns are part of Israel’s 
collective punishment measures,” which violate international law, 
Addameer stated.

/Editor’s note: This article has been amended to give Ahed Tamimi’s age 
as 16, the age provided by 
<https://twitter.com/DCIPalestine/status/943577377254322176> the human 
rights group Defense for Children International-Palestine./

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