[Pnews] Dec 5: Durham N.C. anti-racists' court date today - Tell the DA: DROP ALL CHARGES!

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S O L I D A R I T Y   C E N T E R

* Durham Defendants in Court
  December 5 - Renew Calls for
  DA to /Drop All Charges/! *

On Dec. 5, eleven anti-racist activists will return to court in Durham, 
N.C. to face charges stemming from two demonstrations against white 
supremacy and Durham's Confederate monuments.

*Call 919-808-3010 and tell the Durham County District Attorney to drop 
ALL the charges now!* The courts have continued the trial for months 
now, while it attempts political maneuvers designed to both weaken the 
movement and punish rightful dissent.

Nine of the activists are charged in connection with the removal of a 
Confederate statue on Aug. 14, just days after the resistance to the 
fascist attack in Charlottesville and the murder of Heather Heyer. The 
other two face charges related to a community mobilization to defend 
Durham from an announced march by the KKK on Aug. 18. It will be the 
first time all eleven will appear in court together.

Community activities and supporters will gather at the Durham County 
Courthouse (510 Dillard Street) on Dec. 5 beginning at 9 a.m. There the 
community will brainstorm ideas regarding what should replace the former 
monument. A press conference will be held at the conclusion of the court 

/“The events of August 14 and 18 were acts of community service and 
defense. We have to remember what happened just a few days before in 
Charlottesville, Va., when white supremacists and Neo-Confederates 
terrorized, occupied, and brutalized its residents. Heather Heyer was 
murdered, and many other anti-racist activists were injured,/” said Loan 
Tran, who is facing charges in connection with the monument removal. 
/“//The eleven facing charges have done their service to the community. 
We call on D.A. Roger Echols to immediately drop the charges.//” /

Thousands across North Carolina and the U.S. have signed petitions and 
participated in three call-in days to drop the charges /– / the most 
recent on Nov. 30. The case has garnered national and even international 
attention, with many unions and other progressive organizations 
submitting statements noting the significance of the Durham actions and 
pledging support to beat the charges.

/“//Removing symbols of white supremacy from our community is not a 
crime. What happened on Aug. 14 was a service to the Durham community 
and an example of taking righteous action, a small step to correct 
centuries of injustice,//”/ said Jess Jude, one of those facing charges 
in connection with the statue removal.

*Invitation to be a witness for the defense*

If D.A. Echols chooses to pursue charges, community members across 
Durham will be invited to sign up to be witnesses for the defense.

/“//We will invite all those who believe that Durham is a better place 
without the monument – that the monument had no value to our community, 
and was in fact a liability///– / to sign up to be a witness for our 
defense. We will set up an online form and email to collect your 
testimony/,” said Elena Everett, one of those facing charges in 
connection with the statue removal.

*Invitation to submit your ideas for what should replace the former 
Confederate monument*

The *#DefendDurham 
group will also open a community contest for Durham residents to submit 
ideas of what should replace the pedestal where the Confederate monument 
once stood. During the Dec. 5 court hearing, art supplies will be set up 
outside the courthouse for people to begin to submit their ideas.

*Today and tomorrow, flood the Durham County District Attorney's phone 
lines! Call919-808-3010 and tell the DA to drop the charges against the 
11 anti-racist activists!*

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