[Pnews] Israeli occupation orders 48 more Palestinians jailed without charge or trial

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  Israeli occupation orders 48 more Palestinians jailed without charge
  or trial

3 December 2017

Israeli occupation forces have issued 48 administrative detention orders 
for the imprisonment of Palestinians without charge or trial between 16 
and 30 November. This follows on 24 more administrative detention orders 
issued in the first two weeks of the month.

Palestinian lawyer Mahmoud al-Halabi 
<http://www.wattan.tv/news/227264.html> said on Sunday, 3 December that 
15 of the orders were newly issued while the remainder were renewals of 
the orders against Palestinians who had already spent years or months 
detained without charge or trial.

Administrative detention orders are used to imprison Palestinians 
without charge or trial. Issued for one to six months at a time, these 
orders are indefinitely renewable. Palestinians have spent years at a 
time jailed under administrative detention. There are over 450 
Palestinians out of a total of over 6,200 Palestinian political 
prisoners jailed without charge or trial under administrative detention.

Among the orders issued were those against former long-term hunger 
striker Ayman al-Tabeesh 
also ordered held in isolation. He has been imprisoned without charge or 
trial since August 2016. An order was also renewed against Salah 
of the village of Nil’in, one day before he was to be released. Khawaja 
has now been on hunger strike for the past 21 days against his 
imprisonment without charge or trial.

The orders were issued against the following Palestinian prisoners:

1. Wa’ad Arafat Hadmi, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
2. Musa Ahmad Bulbul, Jenin, 4 months, extension
3. Alaa Hassan Abu Abi, Ramallah, 6 months, extension
4. Shaher Jamil al-Hih, al-Khalil, 6 months, new order
5. Thaer Jihad Abu Sundus, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
6. Ayman Mohammed Abu Eid, Jerusalem, 4 months, extension
7. Yahya Hani Jaddu, Bethlehem, 4 months, extension
8. Jamal Ibrahim Maslamani, Tubas, 4 months, extension
9. Abdel-Rahman Shawki Shuaibat, Bethlehem, 6 months, new order
10. Ahmad Khader Hroub, al-Khalil, 2 months, extension
11. Ismail Taleb al-Natah, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
12. Salah Mohammed al-Khawaja, Ramallah, 6 months, extension
13. Hamouda Akram Jaber, al-Khalil, 6 months, extension
14. Mohammed Hashem Khader, Qalqilya, 4 months, extension
15. Abdel-Muhsin Ali Zamara, al-Khalil, 2 months, extension
16. Shaker Hasan Amara, Jericho, 4 months, extension
17. Issa al-Sanadiya, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
18. Bajis Khalil Nakhleh, Ramallah, 4 months, new order
19. Hussam Omar Abu Khalifa, Bethlehem, 4 months, new order
20. Ahmad Awad Srour, Ramallah, 4 months, new order
21. Majdi Mohammed Abu Fara, al-Khalil, 6 months, extension
22. Raed Abed al-Admu al-Amda, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
23. Mahmod Jibril Shehadeh Makhamra, al-Khalil, 6 months, extension
24. Ahmad Mohammed Abu Nasr, Ramallah, 4 months, extension
25. Jaafar Abdallah Arouj, Bethlehem, 4 months, new order
26. Mahmoud Abdel-Halim Talahmeh, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
27. Mohammed Adnan Maliki, Ramallah, 4 months, new order
28. Suhaib Mohammed Qafisha, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
29. Nael Jihad Abu al-Asal, Jericho, 4 months, extension
30. Taqi al-Din Abdel-Fattah Fahajan, al-Khalil, 4 months, new order
31. Mohammed Monjed Khalaf, Bethlehem, 6 months, new order
32. Ahmad Musa al-Khalayleh, al-Khalil, 4 months, new order
33. Ibrahim Naji al-Keilani, Jenin, 6 months, new order
34. Ahmad Azmi Hanatsheh, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
35. Mohammed Nazmi Mohammed Jamal, al-Khalil, 4 months, new order
36. Alaa Musa Za’ik, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
37. Yousef Abdel-Malik Saadi, Jenin, 3 months, extension
38. Mahmoud Abdallah Atwan, Bethlehem, 3 months, extension
39. Karam Nasr Abed Rabbo, Bethlehem, 4 months, extension
40. Hammad Ahmad Abu Maria, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
41. Yousef Ismail Hamdan, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
42. Ayman Ali al-Tabeesh, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
43. Jawad Mohammed Jabari, al-Khalil, 6 months, extension
44. Nidal Mohammed Abu Sneineh, al-Khalil, 4 months, extension
45. Nasim Fadl al-Rifai, al-Khalil, 6 months, new order
46. Ayman Rouhi al-Atrash, al-Khalil, 3 months, extension
47. Mahmoud Yousef Safadi, Nablus, 3 months, new order

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