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Wed Aug 30 15:29:50 EDT 2017

  In loving Honor of one of our own Savannah LaFountaine-Greywind
  and all of our murdered and missing Native Women.

Greetings my friend’s, relative’s, supporters and loved ones,

I want to speak to you today in regards to some current events that have 
taken place. The one most noteworthy at this time which is 
representative of an ongoing problem for our people is the horrific 
murder of Savannah LaFontaine-Greywind. Savannah, whose baby was ripped 
from her womb, and then Savannah body wrapped in a plastic bag and 
thrown into the river.

Death among our people by other than natural situations have, for 
generations been untimely, unnecessary and tragic. Savannah death is a 
gruesome example of what happens to so many of our people at the hands 
of this dominate society. Our native women are ten times more victims of 
violence than any other group of women. And that is violence from 
non-Indians, that is a statistical fact. Our women are kidnapped and 
killed and made to disappear more than any other group. Its as if 
society has put us in the category of some species that is expendable.

Whether America wants to believe it or not, the Native American people 
and their philosophy is crucial to survival of America. We have given 
our lives to protect the mother earth and bring to your attention the 
destruction that this industrial society perpetrates against the natural 
ecology of this portion of the planet where we all dwell. If Savannah’s 
terrible, tragic, horrific death was an unusual occurrence, then we 
could probably grieve as we often do and move on. But her death is 
representative of common occurrences against our people and especially 
our young women. We cannot afford, physically, emotionally, mentally or 
any other way for this type of behavior to continue. I am not a begging 
man. It is not part of our culture to beg. But I’m begging you white 
America to rise to the occasion and help stop this continuing residual 
byproduct of the genocide that has been perpetrated against Native people.

It is a time in history now that all the different religions, faiths and 
philosophies need to come together and actively, in a loud voice, seek 
change in America. Based on respect, for one another, the creator of all 
things, the mother earth and actively take part in bringing about this 
needed change of direction that America has taken for so long, for too 
long. I am not just talking about our indigenous people either, I am 
referring to all people and all colors of people and all social economic 
levels of people. The web of life in America is deeply fractured and 
torn. And I know anyone taking time to read this knows in their heart 
that my words are true.

So challenge yourself to make a difference. having said that, I want to 
encourage you to find it within your heart to donate to this child that 
was a victim of this mindset that allows this type of tragedy to take 
place. Savannah’s little girl that was ripped from your womb, will need 
your help. Savannah had picked out a name for her while she was still 
unborn, her name is Haisley Jo and you can donate to help establish her 
in a healthy environment by sending your donations to any U.S. Bank 
in the name of the child, Haisley Jo.

In the spirit of Crazy Horse,
Mitakuye Oyasin
Leonard Peltier

ILPDC | PO BOX 329, Fargo ND 58107


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