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*August 21, 2017

*ONA MOVE, my friends! This is an amazing time for our MOVE family. 
There is so much going on that I want to be sure that you’re aware of. 
The latest with my family’s parole status is the continuing denial of 
parole for our brother Delbert Africa. Delbert was recently denied 
parole and given a 5 year set-back despite the continued recommendation 
of the prison that he be paroled and despite him being free of 
misconducts for decades. Our brother, Mike Africa, sees the parole board 
in September. He recently went through the prison parole preparation 
process and after being recommended for parole by this same prison every 
time he has gone up for parole over the past 9 years, this time they 
told him they were not recommending him for parole. They did not, 
because they could not, explain this change in their decision. Like 
Delbert, Mike has been misconduct free for decades. Nothing has changed 
since the last time they recommended him for parole. Our brother, Eddie 
Africa, on the other hand, for some unexplainable reason has never 
gotten the recommendation of the prison he’s in, despite being 
misconduct free, SCI-Mahanoy has suddenly recommended him for parole. I 
tell you all of this to show you that the plan is to keep MOVE in prison 
til they die, no matter what (being misconduct free or not, having the 
recommendation of the prison or not), and that it is up to the power of 
the people to see that it doesn’t go down that way. *

*On a lighter note, for some reason, there’s a lot of media activity 
around MOVE at this time. On September 9^th , The Philadelphia Museum of 
Art is opening a 3 month project on the City of Philadelphia. The 
project has an extensive focus on MOVE. The fact that such an 
established institution is including and focusing on MOVE in such a 
project and came to us for material is a good thing, a sign of changing 
times and attitudes. It will put a lot of attention on MOVE for people 
that we wouldn’t regularly be in contact with. We encourage people to 
make time to see this exhibition. *

*There’s an Opera, based on MOVE, opening on September 16^th for six 
nights at the Wilma Theatre on south Broad St., The Avenue of The Arts. 
This is a prestigious area of the city and “Opera Philadelphia” is not a 
fly by night institution. The tickets for the opera, “We Shall Not Be 
Moved”, sold out very quickly. Again, this opera connects us with an 
audience that we’re not usually in connect with and therefore gives us a 
great opportunity to focus on The MOVE 9 and their 39 years of unjust 

*There are also a number of media projects (movies, mini-series, 
documentaries, docuseries, etc.) in the works about MOVE. MOVE members 
are not at all interested in being movie stars but we see these media 
projects as wonderful opportunities to focus a huge amount of attention 
on The MOVE 9 in a huge way and therefore a huge amount of pressure on 
officials to release our family. This is an amazing time and must be 
seized. As these projects unfold, we must take full advantage of them to 
gain the release of innocent MOVE members. These are prime opportunities 
to reach people that have not been reached before and we can’t allow 
these opportunities go by without using them to our full advantage. *

*Finally, for those that don’t already know, the historical marker about 
the 1985 bombing of MOVE is now installed at Osage Ave. & Cobbs Creek 
Pkwy. (63^rd St.). Take a look, those of you in or near Philadelphia. 
Five uncompromising children accomplished in a year what adults had not 
accomplished in 32 years. Also, the movement across the country to bring 
down statues of racists has escalated the movement here in Philadelphia 
to bring down the statue of racist former mayor, Frank Rizzo (if you’re 
too young to know who and what he was, research him). The vicious 
attitude of Trump and his cronies has really opened people’s eyes, got 
people on their feet and in the streets.*

*Keep your eyes and ears open so you’re on top of what’s going on. Be 
well----Ramona *

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