[Pnews] Letter from Oscar López Rivera to his daughter Clarisa on beginning his 35th year in US prisons, May 29, 2016

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    *Letter from Oscar López Rivera to his daughter Clarisa on beginning
    his 35th year in US prisons, May 29, 2016*

For the international Day of Solidarity with Oscar López Rivera, June 
20, 2016

Projected to take place in 35 countries around the world

Dearest Clarisa:

What is freedom? Freedom, especially when politicians talk about it, is 
often stripped of its essence and meaning and is left as inane as the 
minds and hearts of those individuals who have the power to define it 
for their convenience. But for me freedom is the most important goal to 
be achieved by human beings who are victims of colonialism, 
neocolonialism and slavery because they have never had the opportunity 
to enjoy freedom and to exercise their inalienable and most fundamental 
right of self determination.

During the 73 years i've lived in this world i've been a subject of u.s. 
colonialism. The u.s. government has kept Puerto Rico under its colonial 
yoke and chains since it decided to invade and occupy PR militarily in 1898.

 From that moment on it has used every means at its disposal to make 
sure that Puerto Rico will not be an independent and sovereign nation. 
Any Puerto Rican who has dared to struggle to eradicate colonialism and 
to make Puerto Rico an independent and sovereign nation has been 
considered a mortal enemy of the u.s. government and treated as such. It 
has persecuted, criminalized, imprisoned, exiled and even assassinated 
them without any qualms or respect for their rights, their dignity and 
life. To see how true this is, every Puerto Rican and every freedom 
and justice loving person should read the history of the courageous 
women and men who have come under the attacks of the u.s. government, 
especially of the ones who spent years in prison and lived to talk and 
write about their experiences.

i have never experienced freedom. But i yearn and hope for it. The 
yearning and hoping have been been part of the energizing force that has 
kept me going and continuing to struggle and resist. i have been able to 
follow some of the struggles of colonized people, resisting and gaining 
independence for their country. i have images of some of them 
celebrating their victories. Two images that are most vivid in my mind 
are of Patrice Lumumba—one when he was struggling and delivering a 
speech as President of the Congo, and the other of his brutal and 
barbaric assassination. In his speech he criticized the Belgian King 
Baudouin and his people for the brutal and criminal practice of their 
colonialism of the Congo. The King in 1961 couldn't take the criticism 
of an African man who dared to tell the truth, and with the aid of the 
u.s. government ordered the assassination of Pres. Patrice Lumumba. That 
horrific image of his assassination, all tied up and with the papers of 
his speech stuffed in his mouth, has always reminded me of how barbaric 
and criminal colonizers are.

Of course i would love to experience freedom. But if i don't, i hope 
that someday you, Karina and your generations will get to enjoy freedom 
and to exercise to the fullest the inalienable right of self-determination.

Hopefully your generations will transform Puerto Rico into the nation it 
has the potential of being an edenic garden in the Caribbean for the 
enjoyment of Puerto Ricans and of all humanity.

With much love, my little world, and in RESISTENCIA Y LUCHA,

Oscar López Rivera

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