[Pnews] Missing Omaha FBI files had counterintelligence secrets about Omaha Two

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  Missing Omaha FBI files had counterintelligence secrets about Omaha Two

Michael Richardson - May 20, 2016

The admission by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that seven years of 
annual field office inspection reports are missing 
suggests some of the lost documents exonerated the Omaha Two 
<http://crimemagazine.com/j-edgar-hoover-and-framing-omaha-two>, Edward 
Poindexter and Wopashite Mondo Eyen we Langa, former David Rice. A 
recent document search by David Hardy, Section Chief of the Records 
Management Divison, revealed the disappearance. “We were unable to 
locate records,” said Hardy.

The missing FBI reports span the tenures of Paul Young and Fletcher 
Thompson as Special Agents in Charge of the Omaha field office, 
1967-1973. Both Young and Thompson proposed counterintelligence actions 
against “Black Nationalists” in Omaha under the illegal 
counterintelligence program, code-named COINTELPRO 
<http://www.examiner.com/topic/cointelpro>. Young targeted Poindexter 
and Mondo of the National Committee to Combat Fascism. Thompson targeted 
Charles Knox of the Black Revolutionary Party.

The Omaha Two <http://www.examiner.com/topic/omaha-two-1> were convicted 
in April 1971 for the murder of an Omaha policeman 
and sentenced to life at the maximum-security Nebraska State 
Penitentiary. Poindexter remains imprisoned and denies guilt in the 
crime. Mondo died at the prison in March.

As head of the NCCF, a Black Panther affiliate group, Poindexter had 
been the victim of two reported COINTELPRO dirty tricks before he was 
marked for a murder conviction by Paul Young. Control over illegal 
counterintelligence actions during clandestine operations was maintained 
by J. Edgar Hoover who used the Inspection Division to monitor and 
execute the misdeeds.

George Moore, head of the Racial Intelligence Section, wrote in January 
1971, in an annual inspection report of the FBI's Domestic Intelligence 
Division, about the extent of involvement of Inspectors in COINTELPRO 

“During a recent Cleveland inspection, the Inspectors gave instructions 
for the Cleveland Office to develop informants in a leadership position 
with the Cleveland National Committee to Combat Fascism [REDACTED] 
furnishing valuable information on the structural composition of the 
organization, staff members and proposed activities.”i

In March 1971, during jury selection in the Omaha Two murder trial, 
Moore sent a memo to Assistant Director Charles Brennan recommending 
termination of quarterly COINTELPRO reports. A burglary of the Media, 
Pennsylvania FBI office and the theft of counterintelligence files would 
lead to public disclosoure of FBI crimes and Moore wanted to reduce 
documentation of improper activities. Moore wrote that Inspectors would 
continue to analyze office particpation in COINTELPRO operations.

“By memorandum 2/29/68 the Director authorized submission of 90-day 
progress letters concerning captioned program for purpose of stimulating 
thinking in offices where black extremist activities are concentrated. 
Forty-three offices are currently participating in this project.”

“Since these offices have participated significantly in this program, it 
is felt we can now relax our administrative procedures by eliminating 
the 90-day letter. We will not suffer from this discontinuance as 
continued participation in this program by field is followed by 
individual Supervisors in Racial Intelligence Section, Domestic 
Intelligence Division. In addition, the Inspection Division analyzes 
each office’s participation in this program during field office 

Three days before the start of testimony in Omaha, J. Edgar Hoover was 
not yet ready to cancel COINTELPRO but instead tightened supervision of 
the clandestine operation by George Moore’s unit in a memoradum to 
Special Agents in Charge. Hoover also ordered the Inspection Division to 
oversee COINTELPRO operations..

Hoover wanted supervisors “aggressively and enthusiastically ramrodding 
this program.”

“You must generate understanding of the objectives of this program and 
insure your office is participating in it on a timely basis. Extent of 
your office’s participation in contributing to the program’s objectives 
will be followed at the Bureau, and your participation will be analyzed 
during field office inspections.”

The missing inspection reports from Omaha would have reported on 
counterintelligence measures taken by the field office. The Inspection 
Division annual reviews would have provided an anyalsis of COINTELPRO 
actions following a detailed office inspection. The Minard murder file 
would have been reviewed and agents quesioned about the case. The FBI 
reports were quick to claim credit for what Hoover called “tangible 
results” and should have disclosed what went on inside the Omaha FBI office.

Ed Poindexter <http://www.examiner.com/topic/ed-poindexter> has 
consistently maintained his innocence, was the target of two COINTELPRO 
anonymous letters, and was the victim of a withheld FBI Laboratory 
report at his trial. The missing Inspection Division reports on Omaha 
and the inability of the FBI to say what happened to them put 
Poindexter's case in need of federal review. The missing FBI inspection 
reports raise a red flag that cannot be ignored. The courts have closed 
their doors to Poindexter and the Justice Department refused a request 
by Nebraskans for Justice to investigate the case or convene a truth 
commission. Congress may be Poindexter's only hope for a review of the 
FBI manipulation of his trial.

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