[Pnews] May 19th - Illuminating the Voices of Liberation

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    Illuminating the Voices of Liberation

Posted on May 19, 2016 

Taken from BLU Magazine Issue 13
Yuri Kochiyama from Blue Magazine #13

Today we honor the birthdays of Ho Chi Minh, Malcolm X, Yuri Kochiyama 
and Lorraine Hansberry. All were extremely important in their unyielding 
fight for self-determination, national liberation and against racism in 
all its forms. We’re happy to have all of their voices contained 
somewhere in the Freedom Archives along with other archival materials 
like Ho Chi Minh’s poetry and former political prisoner and member of 
the Angola 3 Robert King Wilkerson interviewing Yuri Kochiyama. Below 
are a couple of the many digitized materials we have featuring Malcolm X 
and Ho Chi Minh.

An essential component of the Freedom Archives is to preserve and spread 
the wisdom and lessons of our movement elders. Connecting issues of 
today with historical content is an important task in building strong, 
sustainable and inter-generational movements. Your financial support 
plays a key role in making all this work happen, creating greater access 
for newer generations to use our materials and helping to broaden their 
vision for a more just future.

Ho Chi Minh Speaks to the US Anti-War Movement (in 

Malcolm X on African Liberation: 

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