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40 years behind bars: Free Leonard Peltier



With 40 years already behind bars, Leonard Peltier's health has been 
declining rapidly.

We've studied his case extensively and remain seriously concerned about 
the fairness of his trial.

Leonard's most recent petition for parole was denied, which means that 
he is not eligible again for nearly a decade. His lawyers have just 
filed a new petition for clemency, which means his remaining years may 
be in President Obama's hands.

Urge President Obama to grant clemency before he leaves office on 
January 20th. 

In 1975, two FBI agents were shot dead during a confrontation involving 
American Indian Movement (AIM) members. Leonard, who was a leading 
member of the AIM, was convicted of their murders but has always 
maintained his innocence.

The U.S. Parole Commission has acknowledged that "the prosecution has 
conceded the lack of any direct evidence" that Leonard personally 
participated in the executions of the two FBI agents. The judge who 
presided over a previous appeal hearing also expressed concerns about 
FBI misconduct in investigating and trying the Peltier case.

*Despite all of this, he's still behind bars*.

Support our call for Leonard's release in the interests of justice. 

Today at 71 years old, Leonard suffers from health concerns including 
diabetes, a heart condition and an abdominal aortic aneurysm. He is 
imprisoned far from his family.

Help them bring Leonard home.

Act Now. 

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