[Pnews] Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council calls for the immediate release of hunger striking administrative detainee Bilal Kayed

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14 July 2016

  PHROC Calls for the Immediate Release of Hunger Striking
  Administrative Detainee Bilal Kayed


The Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC) calls for the 
immediate release of hunger striking administrative detainee Bilal 
Kayed, who has been on hunger strike for 30 days. We have been informed 
by attorneys that Mr. Kayed has refused to undergo any medical 
examinations and to take any vitamins or salt supplements. He is 
currently only consuming water. He feels tiredness, dizziness, weakness, 
and inability to fall asleep. His weight has fallen significantly since 
his hunger strike. Mr. Kayed’s health severely deteriorates and will be 
transferred to a hospital. Mr. Kayed has lost consciousness due to his 
health condition.

Bilal Kayed, a 35-year-old Palestinian from Nablus, was arrested in 2001 
and sentenced to 14-and-a-half years. He was previously placed in 
isolation in Rimon prison since September 2015 until his scheduled 
release on 13 June 2016. However, a six-month administrative detention 
order was issued against him on the same day of his scheduled release, 
immediately after which he was placed back in isolation. Mr. Kayed has 
been on hunger strike since 15 June 2016 in protest of his detention 
without charge or trial.

The Israeli occupation policy of administrative detention is used in a 
widespread and systematic manner, which violates international human 
rights and humanitarian law. Administrative detention can be only used 
in emergency situations, but requires that the authorities follow basic 
rules for detention, including a fair hearing at which the detainee can 
challenge the reasons for his or her detention. These minimum standards 
of due process have been clearly violated in Mr. Kayed’s case, leaving 
him without any legitimate legal means to defend himself. The military 
court's order of administrative detention without having any clear 
evidence or conducting a serious investigation about the credibility of 
the information used against Mr. Kayedis arbitrary and contrary to 
relevant international norms and conventions; especially Article 78 of 
the Fourth Geneva Convention.

PHROC holds that the use of administrative detention as a policy 
practiced by Israel, the occupying Power, is systemic and arbitrary, in 
contravention with international law. The use of administrative 
detention has attracted widespread condemnation from local and 
international organizations as a violation of fundamental human rights. 
Therefore, PHROC calls on all international organizations, including the 
United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the 
European Union, and all High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva 
Convention, to fulfill their obligations towards protecting human rights 
and enforcing the implementation of international humanitarian law, 
especially when grave breaches are being perpetrated in times of 
conflict and occupation. We call for pressure on the Israeli government 
to immediately release Mr. Kayed and end the use of administrative 
detention. PHROC affirms concluding observations of the United Nations 
Committee Against Torture (CAT), 13 May 2016, which called on the 
Israeli government to “[t]ake the measures necessary to end the practice 
of administrative detention and ensure that all persons who are 
currently held in administrative detention are afforded all basic legal 
safeguards.” PHROC calls for administrative detention, as practiced by 
the Israeli authorities, to be recognized as a form of psychological 
torture that should be prohibited in line with the UN Convention Against 


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