[Pnews] Statement from the PFLP prison branch - The ongoing battle and the truth about media reports about Bilal Kayed

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  Statement No. 7 from the PFLP prison branch: The ongoing battle and
  the truth about media reports about Bilal Kayed

*The following statement was released following misleading media reports 
issued today in Palestinian media, regarding lawyer visits and the case 
of Bilal Kayed:*

Imprisoned struggler, Comrade Bilal Kayed, is nearly entering his 
twenty-seventh day of open hunger strike despite deteriorating health 
and is expected to be transferred at any moment from isolation in 
Ashkelon prison to hospital, as the prisoners of the Front continue to 
struggle along their program of resistance, in support of the struggle 
of Comrade Kayed and with the united interests of the prisoners’ 
movement and various methods and procedures of escalation as previously 
announced. In this context, the Popular Front for the Liberation of 
Palestine branch in Israeli jails emphasizes the following:

1) Comrade Bilal Kayed is continuing his open hunger strike. The Front 
prisoners are fully engaged in the battle to support him and demand the 
unconditional release of Comrade Kayed. Based on this, the prisoners of 
the Front emphasize that in the next two days (July 11 and 12), which 
were already declared as days of hunger strike and returning meals 
within all prisons, the Front prisoners will strike and will also refuse 
to answer to the prison administration during roll call, and will 
instead shout the name of Comrade Bilal Kayed as a challenge to the 
prison administration.

2) The PFLP Prison Branch confirms that the prison administration, as 
part of its attempts to stop the strike and suppress the escalating 
protest steps of the prisoners, has made several proposals, part of 
which have been rejected and other parts which are under discussion. The 
prisoners adhere firmly to the position that Comrade Kayed must be 
released without limitation or condition, or else the hunger strike will 
continue, and the prisoners will continue their struggle until the 
occupation concedes to their demands.

3) We emphasize again that the authoritative sources in Palestine for 
information about developments in the case of Bilal Kayed is his lawyer 
from Addameer Foundation, or the Popular Front for the Liberation of 
Palestine organization in the occupation prisons, or Front leaders 
authorized to issue positions on this case, especially because any 
incorrect or false information hurts and weakens the struggle.

4) We call on the media to be accurate in what they publish about the 
case of the imprisoned hero Bilal Kayed and to seek news from official 
sources as described above.

5) We call on the union of Arab radio stations and satellite channels to 
allocate a specific time to review the issue of Bilal Kayed and the 
struggle against administrative detention.

6) We call on the Palestinian and Arab newspapers to allocate part of 
their pages to the issue of administrative detention and the case of 
Comrade Kayed

Victory and freedom for Comrade Kayed and all prisoners!

The leadership of the PFLP organization in Israeli jails
July 10, 2016

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