[Pnews] US Funding Torture in Colombian Jails - Close Tramacúa!

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  US Funding Torture in Colombian Jails -

  Close Tramacúa!

The Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) and the Coalición Larga Vida las 
our call for the closure of the notorious Tramacúa prison 
Valledupar, Colombia. The country's Constitutional Court decreed in 
November, 2014 that if conditions did not improve by October, 2015, the 
penitentiary would have to be closed. Sadly, the abuse and neglect 
continues, yet Tramacúa remains open. Just last month 438 Tramacúa 
prisoners engaged in a hunger strike over the deplorable situation 
there. Tramacúa was built in 2000 with US funding and oversight. It was 
the first prison built in a new effort to spread the US model of mass 
incarceration around the world. Political prisoners and prisoners of war 
have been concentrated at Tramacúa where they are regularly subjected to 
torture, neglect of health care and other degrading treatment. *We ask 
our supporters who have not yet signed the following petition, to do 
ask /*everyone */to circulate the petition to your friends, family and 

    *Sign and Circulate the Petition to Close Tramacúa*

At La Tramacua, temperatures get as high as 105 degrees, with no form of 
cooling, but prisoners are granted access to water only 10 minutes a 
day. Toilets are frequently nonfunctioning and open sewage has been 
observed running by the kitchen. Fecal contamination of food has been 
documented by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and other 
governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Inmates are often 
subjected to harsh punishments, even torture, especially political 
prisoners and prisoners of war. La Tramacua was built with US Federal 
Bureau of Prisons and USAID funding as part of an effort to restructure 
the Colombian prison system. *We call on the Colombian government to 
immediately close La Tramacua. We call on the US Congress and White 
House to investigate abusive conditions allowed to flourish at La 
Tramacúa and other penitentiaries that are funded by US tax payers and 
advised by US government agents.* 

      */Click HERE to sign!

    *Help us /GET THE WORD OUT!/*


    Forward this Email;


    *Share the petition on facebook and other social media (share
    buttons located on petition action page)/./*

    *Why your action matters*

We are making some real progess in this campaign. As a result of the 
actions of our partners and us, the Colombian government's Office of the 
People's Defender has conducted their own investigations into the 
concerns we have raised, including a visit of verification on December 
11, 2015.

*This is a struggle that we can win*. It is also an emblematic struggle 
that has repurcussions for all the prisons in Colombia and around the 
world that are designed on a US model. We need your support to achieve a 
victory in this matter. 

    *Some background material*

*/One way to learn more about the situation at Tramacúa and other US 
funded prisons in the country is to join the Alliance for Global Justice 
Delegation to Colombia May 22-June 1, 2016. 

Close Colombia's Tramacúa, US Funded and Designed Prison (English):

http://afgj.org/close-colombias-la-tramacua-us-funded-and-designed-prison <http://org2.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?key=-1&url_num=19&url=http%3A%2F%2Fafgj.org%2Fclose-colombias-la-tramacua-us-funded-and-designed-prison>

Spanish version: 

Statement in Spanish by Tramacúa Hunger Strikers:


Videos and Testimonials in Spanish regarding Tramacúa:


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