[Pnews] Release Oscar Lopez Now, 34 Years is Too Muxch!"- Let’s get One Million tweets for Oscar!

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Tue Jan 5 10:39:44 EST 2016

As Oscar López Rivera approaches his 73rd birthday on January 6, 2016 
the National Puerto Rican Agenda and National Boricua Human Rights 
Network are launching a social media campaign (Twitter and Facebook) 
calling for his release.

Oscar, a Bronze Star decorated Vietnam Veteran has never been charged or 
convicted of a violent crime, yet has served 12 years in solitary 
confinement. The Archbishop of Puerto Rico, 6 Nobel Laureates, 6 
Presidents of Latin America, all three major political tendencies in 
Puerto Rico, and 6 members of Congress have called for his release.

This call to action on January 6, 2016, his birthday and Three Kings’s 
Day, comes as Pres. Barack Obama enters his last year in office and 
Oscar enters his 35th year of imprisonment- the Puerto Rican people’s 
longest-held political prisoner.

On this day, the National Boricua Human Rights Network is asking YOU to 
participate on Twitter and Facebook:

Tag @BarackObama and @MichelleObama

On January 6, in one voice, let’s say, RELEASE OSCAR NOW, 34 YEARS IS 

Let’s get One Million tweets for Oscar!

SAMPLE TWEETS AT: http://bit.ly/sample-olr-tweets-2016

Coordinating Committee
National Boricua Human Rights Network
2739 W. Division Street
Chicago IL 60622
We tweet @free_olr Comité Pro-Derechos Humanos

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863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org

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