[Pnews] Palestinian women students subject to repression and arrest by Israeli occupation

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  Palestinian women students subject to repression and arrest by Israeli

July 31, 2016

Palestinian students are being targeted for their political activity, in 
particular women students, reported the Asra Media Center 
<http://asramedia.ps/post/13416> on Sunday, 31 July.

A number of young women active with the Islamic Bloc, one of the student 
council blocs that participates in university activities, organizing, 
and elections, have been arrested in recent months, including Shurouq 
Dwayyat, a student at the University of Bethlehem, was arrested on 7 
October 2015; Ansam Shawahneh 
student at An-Najah University, arrested on 9 March 2016; Salsabil 
Shalaldeh, student at Palestine Polytechnic University, arrested on 8 
April 2016 and sentenced to 7 months in prison; Noor Darwish, Salam Abu 
Sharar, and Hala Bitar, 
<http://samidoun.net/2016/07/palestinian-student-hala-bitar-sentenced-to-4-months-imprisonment-as-child-ahmad-manasrahs-hearing-rescheduled/> (pictured 
above) all students at Al-Quds University arrested 19 April 2016; Banan 
Al-Quds University student, arrested on 16 July 2016; and Sujoud 
Al-Rifai, arrested by occupation forces on 7 May 2016.

Women student activists from other political blocs are also targeted, 
such as Donya Musleh 
of the Progressive Student Labor Front, currently serving a 10-month 
prison sentence for Facebook postings. Israeli occupation forces’ 
attacks on Palestinian students tend to escalate around the time of 
university elections, in an attempt to suppress voting and political 
participation in student elections, especially for blocs viewed as 
supportive of Palestinian resistance.

Former prisoner Wiam Aseeda 
herself a student at An-Najah University when she was arrested, said 
that students are being targeted in their homes and at military 
checkpoints as means of suppressing student activism and psychologically 
injuring not only students, but their entire families. “Any student that 
is active in her university is threatened with arrest and charge for 
prohibited activities, and with paying a penalty in Zionist military 
courts,” said Aseeda.

Another young woman,Hanadi Rashid 
<http://alasra.ps/ar//index.php?act=post&id=28976>, 22, was arrested by 
Israeli occupation forces on 7 July near the Ibrahimi Mosque in 
Al-Khalil’s Old City; she was accused of possessing a knife inside her 
bag. Rashid, a mother of three, told her lawyer on Sunday, 7 July that 
she had been hit on her neck and back with a stick, screamed at with 
profanity and spit on by Israeli occupation interrogators before being 
transferred to HaSharon prison.

There are approximately 60 Palestinian women currently imprisoned in 
Israeli jails.

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