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>From a series of solidarity statements from US Political Prisoners to 
the people of Palestine


published in a collection of letters brought to Palestine by a recent 
prison & labor solidarity delegation. Our colleagues at Birzeit 
University'€™s Institute for Women'€™s Studies translated the letters 
into Arabic.


Brothers and Sisters of Palestine,

Osiyo (Hello in Ja la gi – the Cherokee language – my language)

I know what you are going through, because for 500 plus years, since 
1492, our lands have been invaded also – yes, like yours was in the late 

My land here is “very vast.”

Back in 1838, they forced genocide on my tribe – only 1000 people 
escaped their attack. The survivors were forced to relocate, walking on 
foot, horseback or wagon from the east to the west. 4000 of my people 
died of exposure to cold and rape. Babies froze, old people, children, 
pregnant women, men – all died on the /Trail of Tears/.

We who survived came back in a powerful way.

We are still speaking our language – we dance our dances – we practice 
our ceremonies – we came back stronger.

But we are still occupied by the Zionist-loving hypocrites – these 
monsters who place money above life – whose wealth is more important 
than the Mother Earth.

I’ve had chains and cuffs and shackles cut into my hands and legs for 
days and days in these American prisons. I’ve been beat, shot in the 
back with an AR 15 rifle, I’ve had police dogs rip into me – forcing me 
to heal in bed for a month.

I – Oso Blanco – “know” fully 100 percent what you are suffering.

Be strong! Stand strong! Be pure in your hearts!

Love and power,

Oso Blanco

*I Am Oso Blanco


Freedom – power – movement

I am the river, I am the land.

I am the moment in a blood-soaked land.

I am Native and the moment is ancient, our burial mounds are 10,000 
years old, _before_ the occupation of our land.

I am native, Aniyunwiya, or Cherokee to the world who know me not.

Freedom – power – movement

I am the living river that destroys the Mexican family.

I am the bloody Rio Grande, the sacred mud in my veins, the line through 
the sand.

I am the sacred river that rips, separates and imprisons family and culture.

Yet I am the womb water that rebirths the endless warrior Eagle Knight

Who will not accept this border, who will not give up the fight.

Byron Shane Chubbuck – Oso Blanco

Byron is a wolf clan Cherokee/Choctaw raised in New Mexico, his Cherokee 
name is Yona Unega and he became known by the authorities as “Robin the 
Hood” after the FBI and local gang unit APD officers learned from a CI 
that Yona Unega was robbing banks to send thousands of dollars worth of 
supplies to the Zapatista Rebels of Chiapas on a regular basis during 
1998 and 1999.


*Byron Chubbuck # 07909-051*
*P.O. BOX 2000*
*Bruceton Mills, WV  26525*

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