[Pnews] Monday April 11th Demand Parole For The Move 9 Sisters

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Fri Apr 8 10:03:35 EDT 2016

Ona Move

The May 2016 Parole hearings for Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa are 
quickly approaching and we have to continue to keep the pressure on this 
system and it's officials over the issue of Parole For The Move 9.

Last Monday people from all over the world flooded the phone and fax 
lines and emails of the office of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and 
made the issue clear that we want parole granted for the women this 
May.  We are asking people to continue to call the governor's office 
every Monday for the month of April and continue to demand parole for 
our sisters this May .

Also we would like to share some information with people about The 
Governor and his handling  of The Pa Parole Board and his cries for 
parole reform. Several Months ago we brought to people's attention of 
Michael L. Green being The Chairman of The Pa Parole Board and the 
danger behind him being in that position based on the fact that he was 
originally appointed to The Parole Board by then Governor Ed Rendell who 
was the District Attorney of Philadelphia during the trial of The Move 9.

This created a complete conflict of interest and due to public pressure 
last month Governor Wolf was FORCED by the power of the people to remove 
Michael L Green from the role of Chairman and also remove him from the 
parole board altogether and that's the power of the people .

In the past three years we have exposed the fact former police officers 
sat on the parole board and over our families hearings and they have all 
been removed due to the people keeping the pressure on officials over 
this issue. We have taken away every excuse and tool that these misfits 
have used and now it is very clear that The Fraternal Order Of Police is 
giving the orders here.

The question now is will The Governor of the State of Pennsylvania allow 
a police organization to dictate the actions and choices of a parole 
board that is under him when he has for months been making liberal cries 
for parole reform throughout the state of Pennsylvania .

This Monday April 11th  call, fax, email The Office of Governor Tom Wolf 
and demand parole for

  Debbie (Sims)  Africa 006307
  Janet (Holloway)Africa  006308
  Janine( Phillips) Africa  006309

Phone (717) 787-2500
Fax (717) 772-8284
Email https://governor.pa.gov/contact/

Also at this crucial time we are asking people to sign the petition we 
have aimed at United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch to 
investigate The wrongful and ongoing imprisonment of The Move 9. People 
can sign the petition at


Ona Move

The Justice And Accountability Campaign

For More Info People Can Go To

Justice For The Move 9/ Facebook.

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