[Pnews] Former policeman leads effort to free Omaha Two COINTELPRO prisoners

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  Former policeman leads effort to free Omaha Two COINTELPRO prisoners

September 22

Former Omaha policeman Tariq Al-Amin, head of Nebraskans for Justice, 
took his campaign to free the Omaha Two 
<http://crimemagazine.com/j-edgar-hoover-and-framing-omaha-two> to the 
airwaves in Washington, D.C. Edward Poindexter and Mondo we Langa, 
former David Rice, were the subjects of a special two-hour radio program 
on WOL-AM radio 
hosted by announcer Carl Nelson 
on Sept. 21. The special broadcast gave Tariq a chance to tell the story 
of the Omaha Two <http://www.examiner.com/topic/omaha-two-1> to a new 
national audience.

The Omaha Two were leaders of Omaha's Black Panther affiliate chaper 
National Committee to Combat Fascism. The pair were also targets of J. 
Edgar Hoover's illegal, clandestine counterintelligence operation 
codenamed COINTELPRO <http://www.examiner.com/topic/cointelpro>. Hoover 
conducted a massive, secret war on America's political activists whose 
loyalty he questioned. The Black Panthers 
<http://www.examiner.com/topic/black-panthers> were the target of the 
most lethal ferocity of COINTELPRO actions. The Omaha Two were convicted 
for the 1970 murder of a policeman after a controversial trial that 
included a withheld FBI Laboratory report on the identity of the 
anonymous 911 caller that lured Patrolman Larry Minard, Sr. to his death.

Carl Nelson's advocacy for the Omaha Two will be a big boost for Tariq's 
Midwest-based campaign. Nelson was so impressed by the story of Mondo 
and Poindexter that he compared them to Nelson Mandela. Nelson said the 
two men were caught in the same kind of net that imprisoned Los Angeles 
Black Panther leader Geronimo Pratt. Unlike the Nebraska prisoners, 
Pratt was able regain his freedom after a quarter-century behind bars, 
The Omaha Two have been locked up forty-five years, serving life 
sentences, at the Nebraska State Penitentiary.

Tariq Al-Amin co-hosted a freedom rally 
in August at the Malcolm X Memorial Center in Omaha. Tariq opened the 
program and then had co-host Mary Dickinson, an officer in Nebraskans 
for Justice, tell the gathering about the role of the Federal Bureau of 
Investigation in framing the two men for Minard's murderer. Independent 
researcher Kietryn Zychal discussed the role of Alcohol, Tobacco and 
Firearms Division in the case.

Video clips of the prisoners were shown, updates on the health of the 
two men were also given. Both prisoners suffer from the effects of their 
long years of confinement with impaired health. The last time the 
Nebraska Supreme Court looked at the case they dismissed it out-of-hand 
without even issuing a written decision leaving the men with little 
recourse to the courts.

Tariq's tireless efforts were long aided by the late Marvin McClarty. 
McClarty was also an Omaha policeman who had been stationed outside 
Mondo's house the night it was searched and dynamite was allegedly 
found. The search seemed suspicious to McClarty who saw detectives 
carrying things into the house. After his retirement, McClarty took on a 
weekly public access television program with Tariq where the two men 
reviewed police reports of the previous week.

Tariq closed his WOL radio interview by talking about the 
disappointments of his effort. Tariq said others have encouraged him to 
give up but that he knew the right thing to do was to keep working for 
justice for Ed Poindexter and Mondo we Langa. Veteran radio host Carl 
Nelson now joins Tariq and has added his voice to the call for freedom.

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